Here’s a list of our lists! Yep, our very favorite lists from in and around Chicago. You could call this “Best Of The Chicago Traveler” …

Top 5 Minor League (Semi Pro) Baseball Teams In Chicago

So everyone in the city loves either the Cubs of the Sox. But Chicago is also home to some incredibly family friendly semi-pro baseball teams as well.

Top 10 Pizza Joints In Chicago

Who would come to Chicago and not sample (or devour) our great pizza? And who would be crazy enough to rate them? Yep, we did it – we picked our top 10. This article, BTW- gets more visits than any other on our site!

Best Craft Breweries In And Around Chicago

Of course, one thing that goes great with pizza is beer! And here at The Chicago Traveler, we like good, locally brewed Craft Beer! We have some wonderful breweries here.

Best Beaches In Chicago

So after you catch a ball game, eat some pizza and wash it down with some craft beer, why not head to the beach? Sounds like a great weekend to us!

This is a continually growing “list of lists” so be sure to check back often!

Best Chicago Tourist Attractions – Incredibly Popular For A Reason

Chicago is hot spot for every type of lifestyle.

Photographers will love the mind-blowing architecture, tours from the water, expansive parks, informative museums, zoos and more.

Sports fans have a plethora of major league and minor league teams to cheer on.

Families will enjoy the like of Navy Pier, while avid shoppers can indulge in the high-end shops of The Magnificent Mile and Water Tower Place.

The travelers in it for entertainment have theaters, comedy clubs and a mass amount of music venues.

More Top Lists for Chicago

Top 10 Chicago BBQ Joints

Top 10 Chicago BBQ Joints

When you think about Chicago food, it s typical for the mind to conjure images of deep-dish (and thin crust) pizzas, hotdogs, and all ranges of Italian fare probably not barbeque. But believe it or not Chicago is knee-deep in a full out Barbeque renaissance these...

Top 10 Tapas Chicago Venues

Top 10 Tapas Chicago Venues

Going out to eat should be an experience, something that you can make a night of. Small plates of gourmet dishes eaten amongst friends is the perfect reason to check out these tapas Chicago venues. Tapas Valencia Tapas Valencia is an award winning Spanish tapas venue...

10 Places to Go in Chicago

10 Places to Go in Chicago

Of course in Chicago we haven’t had the best weather. The past couple of days haven’t been bad, but we are certainly not done with winter. So come along with me as I plan out my points of interest for the year. Some of these I have been to and really enjoyed like a...


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