Finding a place to eat late at night can sometimes be a struggle. With a growling stomach, all you really want is some food and your bed. These are some of the best late night restaurants Chicago stumbles to; the diverse offerings should please anyone.

Five Faces Ice Cream Parlor
Do not let the name fool you, they may have amazing ice cream, but Five Faces Ice Cream Parlor specializes in everything that is hearty. Their menu is crammed with everything that you could ever want late at night; from gyros and bacon-cheeseburgers to burritos and steak sandwiches.

Arturo’s Tacos
Arturo’s Tacos is the late night destination if you need some Mexican food in your life. I do enjoy a healthy serving of Taco Bell from time to time, but Arturo’s Tacos are on a level of their own. Their menu has almost any Mexican dish that you could want; this is the fourth meal destination to go to.

Pick Me Up Cafe’
The Pick Me Up Cafe’ is truly a place for everyone. Their extensive menu is loaded with options for the meat-lovers and vegans alike. Their menu stretches across nearly every genre of food, so it may took you awhile before you can narrow it down to one plate.. or four.

Hollywood Grill
The Hollywood Grill is decorated after; you guessed it, the movie industry of Hollywood. If you still feel like a rock star after leaving the club, this place may make you feel right at home. They are a more traditional restaurant venue, which provides for a huge menu that may inspire you to order a three-course meal.

Jim’s Original Hot Dog
The smell of grilled onions and hot dogs coming from Jim’s Original Hot Dog is enough to pull in anyone. For over seventy-years they have perfecting hot dogs and they will surely satisfy your late night craving! This may be one of the longest running late night restaurants Chicago has had the pleasure to indulge in.

Americano Submarine
Sometimes nothing is more satisfying than a hearty, classic style sandwich; this is exactly where Americano Submarine excels. The options are plenty and the toppings are piled on. If you are feeling patriotic and hungry late night, this is the destination for you!

Elly’s Pancake House
Elly’s Pancake House serves up breakfast like few others. The pancakes are oven-baked to give them the perfect texture all the way through. Anything that you order off of the menu comes in a quite large portion, making this the perfect stop for feasting on breakfast food.

Melrose Restaurant
Sometimes you just need to hangout in a diner late at night to regroup and indulge in some home-cooked style grub. Melrose Restaurant’s menu is what you would expect from a diner, extensive and delicious. They offer outdoor seating as well for those warm nights.

Captain Hook’s Fish & Chicken
You may be the type of person that doesn’t get random cravings for the traditional late night menu [although this place offers it]; Captain Hook’s Fish & Chicken specializes in just that. They serve various fillets of fish served in different forms, and all the different cuts of chicken and styles that you could want.

Flaming Wok ‘n’ Grill
If you are feeling ambitious to try something new on your late night adventure, or you are craving Pakistani and Indian food, then the Flaming Wok ‘n’ Grill is the stop for you. The place may not look like much, but that is because they put all their focus on the food that they create; it shows.


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