Chicago’s northwest side is rich in heritage and loaded with flavor. Many Jefferson Park restaurants embrace the Polish side of the community, but you can find quality cuisine from all nationalities in the area. With a true neighborhood feel, many of these restaurants don’t only taste like home– their prices will make you feel like you are getting the family discount.


Jefferson Park Restaurants



It’s easy to find a burger that will tame hunger, but it can take some searching to find one that exceeds the expectations of your palette. Fortunately, we’ll save you the searching part– BRGRBELLY serves up burgers in all forms, from simple to very unique combinations, such as the Good Night Irene with a crab cake, pico de gallo, and spicy remoulade sauce on top of a succulent patty. The simple BRGRBELLY remains a favorite though– it’s the homemade spicy sriracha pickles, especially when paired with jalepeno jack cheese. Their beer list is quite respectable as well.

Gale Street Inn

If you are a fan of fall off the bone barbecue, or can just appreciate a well executed piece of meat – you’ll find yourself right at home at Gale Street Inn. Known for their perfectly tender fall-off-the-bone and flavor balanced pork ribs. Aside from ribs alone, they have combos that pair a half-rack with hearty sides, such as seafood, jambalaya, and more. This Jefferson Park Restaurant is a staple of the area.

Gorilla Sushi Bar

Quality sushi that is not astronomically priced can be something of an anomaly. However, Gorilla Sushi Bar has built up a loyal following on that very basis. With an extensive list of rolls to choose from, and the price point of rolls at $2.95, you can order a variety to find your favorites – or share with friends. If sushi on the couch sounds better to you, their delivery is exceptional.

Jefferson Park Grill

Sometimes when you walk into a restaurant a sense of relaxation comes over you. This is typically how you know that you’re in a Ma & Pa style restaurant– which is exactly the feeling that Jefferson Park Grill gives off. The menu is loaded with dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with many people swearing by this place as their go-to breakfast location. With food that tastes fresh and homemade, and unbeatably low prices, they are easily one of the must visit Jefferson Park Restaurants.

Mom’s Old Recipe Mexican Restaurant

With roots in Mexico, Mom’s Ole Recipe Mexican Restaurant is a tribute of two sisters to their mother. Based on the foundation of their mother’s authentic recipes, Mom’s has harnessed flavor to unite friends and family by immersing them in exquisite flavor. A phenomenal meal has a way of bringing people together – and when it comes to Mexican cuisine, you’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant with the same comforting vibe. Plus, we really love tacos and enchiladas.

Pho No. 1

When searching out Vietnamese cuisine, options are still pretty limited in Chicago’s northwest side. Fortunately, Pho No. 1 has been filling the needs of the neighborhood for a couple years now. Potions are large, service is spot on, prices are reasonable, and flavor is authentically delicious. Pair up a bowl of Pho with fresh spring rolls and you’ll be beyond content.


Smak-Tak is among the most popular Jefferson Park Restaurants serving up hearty Polish dishes. Polish cuisine largely consists of pork, chicken, and beef, paired with earthy vegetables– such as potatoes. You won’t go wrong with the pork cutlet, potato pancake filled with goulash, or a tried and true pierogi. This meal is only bettered with your favorite drink of choice, as Smak-Tak is BYOB.

Teresa II Polish Restaurant & Lounge

Teresa II makes you feel like you are sitting down to a meal prepped by your Grandmama. The decor transports you back many years, but that is completely part of the charm. Potato pancakes and pierogis are, of course, two of the most popular dishes; which is not disappointing at all. Teresa prides herself on her homemade dill pickle soup. If it’s available when you stop in, it’s a must try. Teresa’s is so inexpensive that it may actually cost less than eating at home– and it’s way more satisfying.

Vaughan’s Pub & Grill

Every neighborhood should be equipped with a solid Irish pub; for Jefferson Park, that location is Vaughan’s Pub & Grill. In true pub tradition, the atmosphere is lively– in a good way. The menu consist of Irish fares and traditional bar food, which is a great combination for when you want to go out with friends or family. The drink menu is well stocked and TVs are plentiful for when you want to catch the game. Vaughan’s is a great pub to call your own.

Yellow Rose Cafe

Yellow Rose Cafe reminds me of the diners that I went to as a child. The decor is simple, the menu is extensive, the prices are low, it tastes like home, and feels the same way. It has a true neighborhood feel that will make you want to live as close as possible so you can frequent it, for both food and the people. While their menu has something for everyone, they are said to have the best corned beef not only in Jefferson Park, but in all of Chicago.


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