Wings are a sacred meal. They are messy, delicious, mainly eaten with friends and beer, and taste even better when sports are streaming across the screen. If you are going to support your favorite teams, then also support your tastebuds by letting them indulge in the best wings in Chicago. Some may prefer hot, other bbq some even prefer exotic flavors. No worries, we are all about equal opportunity eating.


Best Wings in Chicago:

Crisp’s wings have said to be a near religious experience. These Korean-style wings do not skimp out on portions or flavor. The wings come whole wing and drum remain connected. You will not find a large selection of traditional sauces here, you have to settle with plain fried, bbq, buffalo, and their signature Seoul Sassy. When I say settle, I mean that you would not want to choose from anything else anyways. Their Seoul Sassy wings are on an entirely new level. I highly recommend snagging a side of their atomic sauce to dip the wings in. You will not be left wondering why these are named some of the best wings in Chicago.

2940 N Broadway Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 697-7610

The Fifty/50
The Fifty/50 has brought in numerous awards over the years for a variety of reasons. One bite into their wings and you will know why they are some of the best wings in Chicago. Their sauces cover all of the basics a variety of buffalo and bbq sauces, Teriyaki, and Spicy Garlic. Their hot sauce is housemade and aged a full eight-weeks before it douses wings. It is perfectly complimented by their housemade ranch and bleu cheese although they are not 100% necessary [you would be fine eating your wings Fifty/50]. Their waffle fries accompany their wings quite nicely as well.

Ukrainian Village
2047 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-5050

Take Me Out
Take me out puts their own unique spin on how to eat chicken wings. You can order normal style drums, or a style that almost emulates a lollipop. With 3/4ths of the bone exposed, and a juicy, delicious hunk of chicken on the end makes for a quick trip to satisfaction. They have been dubbed Little Hotties, and for good reason. Their hot sauce has quite the kick to it. Their sides emulate a Chinese restaurant with rice and the sort if you decide that you need something else other than wings.

1502 W 18th St
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 929-2509

Toons Bar & Grill
Toons Bar & Grill does not mess around when it comes to the size of their wings jumbo means JUMBO. These juicy wings are what your mouth has been craving. You can get them done up with Buffalo, Jamaican Jerk, BBQ, and Korean sauces. Their Buffalo is superb, but I still highly recommend giving the other flavors a chance they will not disappoint. Toons is definitely a sports bar, so this makes it an easy decision to watch the game, or stop by after a game at Wrigley Field.

3857 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 935-1919

Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap
Jake Melnick’s has mastered the traditional style wings, and accented them with very unique flavors as well. Perhaps the one that tantalized my tastebuds the most was their PB&J yep, that is right. Thai peanut with raspberry chipotle jelly created a unique flavor that really did mimic a delicious pb&j sandwich. For the purest, their traditional buffalo and garlic creations are superb. The wings are large, crispy, and juicy.

Near North Side
41 E Superior St
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 266-0400

Buffalo Joe’s
Buffalo Joe’s gets straight to the point when it comes to wings. They serve BBQ for a variety, but they specialize in buffalo sauce. Mild, spicy, and suicide are your options. If you are not a huge fan of spicy foods, I would stay away from the suicide wings. If you like a little kick in your bite, the suicide wings will suit you nicely they come topped with jalapenos as well. Hey, you need you vegetables after all.

812 Clark St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 328-5525

Monti’s Restaurant
Monti’s may be know for their cheesesteaks, but that may because not enough people have tried their wings. These jumbo wings are complimented perfectly by the sauce options buffalo, nuclear, or lemon wild oregano. You can settle for plain as well if you are a simple type of person. Part of the vision behind Monti’s was to create a place where you could comfortably relax with a beer and watch the game toss their wings into the mix and it is a go!

Lincoln Square, Ravenswood
4757 N Talman Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 942-6012

Bird’s Nest
The Bird’s Nest is 100% named accurately. Their chicken wings are so good that you will be tempted to nest in their yourself, so you can eat them for each and every meal. The venue is cozy and comfortable. Seating is pretty abundant, and you can play pool against friends to see who pays for the next round. The wing sauce options range from their hot sauce, bbq, and teriyaki with variations of all. Sauces are made in house as well you can taste it. Sundays is primetime for wings, as you can snag them for 45 a piece!

Lincoln Park, DePaul
2500 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-1502

High Dive
High Dive is a solid place to meet up with friends, jump in the photobooth, shoot some pool, be dj on the jukebox, and mow down more wings than necessary. What is different about High Dive’s wings are the way that they are made grilled. Their sweet soy-ginger sauce also adds to that unique factor, but not in a negative way. Their buffalo, bbq, and spicy bbq are solid choices if you are not feeling adventurous.

Ukrainian Village
1938 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 235-3483

Dak takes on chicken wings with a Korean flare. They come in just two-flavors: Dak Sauce (soy garlic & ginger) and Spicy BBQ (Korean red pepper paste). Do not let the price throw you off. One wing here is equivalent to two wings almost anywhere else. They do not break up the wing from the drum- you get it all together. Dak wings juicy, crispy, delicious.

1104 W Granville Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 754-0255

Mr. Brown’s Lounge
Mr. Brown has something truly special going on at his lounge. That specialness comes in the form of jerk chicken wings seriously. They are in such high-demand that they tend to run out. Calling ahead or getting there early is always a wise decision. If nothing else, you can order a variety of other chicken dishes in the same fashion but we are here for the wings, remember? Buffalo and BBQ finish up the sauce options.
On Sundays, from noon-5pm, you can snag wings for 50 a piece.

Ukrainian Village
2301 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60612
(773) 278-4445

Aberdeen Tap
The Aberdeen Tap provides an atmosphere that is perfect for getting off of work, meeting up with some friends, and taking down some beers from their 65+ options while indulging in jumbo wings. They come in the variety of naked, buffalo, Chiliyaki, smoked BBQ, and jerk. The buffalo is superb, but the Chiliyaki is something that is definitely worth sinking your teeth into. It is almost a sweet flavor with spice, but not overpowering. For a relaxing night out with your favorite people, look no further.

Near West Side, West Loop
440 N Aberdeen St
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 929-3845


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