Chicago is not only the beautiful backdrop for tourists and residents alike, it also makes the perfect scenery for some of the most popular big screen hits ever made. Check out this list:


Top 10 Movies Filmed in Chicago


#1 The Blues Brothers
Nothing says Chicago like this classic SNL skit come to life. With Chicago as the backdrop, there is no funnier Chicago movie than Dan Akroyd and John Belushi trying to “Put the band back together” with a car crashing, soul-singing plot.

#2 Ferris Bueller
This John Hughes classic, is a love letter written to Chicago, with a little teenage angst, and a bucket list full of must-dos in the city. Sing in a parade, catch a Cub’s game, and dine in one of Chicago’s finest restaurants, all while avoiding their nemesis, the high school principal. Matthew Broderick’s most famous role…CHICK CHI-KA…

#3 Home Alone
This family classic has a little something for everyone, a cute kid, bumbling burglars, and a heartfelt ending; make this holiday movie one that everyone can enjoy. The scenic Chicago backdrop lands this movie at the top of our list!

#4 The Fugitive
In this classic remake of the 1960’s television series Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, a man falsely accused of murdering his wife. This whodunit thriller takes you on an amazing tour throughout the city, with no stone left unturned until Dr. Kimble is proven innocent!

#5 The Break Up
Vince Vaughn, the classic “Chicago guy” gives us a treat with this romantic comedy, starring opposite Jennifer Aniston. Playing the owner, and operator of a Chicago tour bus company, there is no lack of laughs or Chicago scenery in this flick.

#6 About Last Night
Rob Lowe and Jim Belushi are “men about the city” in this 80’s classic. With scenes in Mother’s on Rush, Wrigley Field, and the lakefront, the swinging singles lifestyle in the city is portrayed perfectly.

#7 My Best Friend’s Wedding
Another romantic comedy hits our list with this Julia Roberts, Dermott Mulroney, Cameron Diaz love triangle. Scenes at O’Hare and Comiskey Park, along with a ride down the Chicago River, will make anyone fall in love with the city.

#8 Sixteen Candles
Another John Hughes film, this suburban Chicago look into teenage life in the 80’s will go down in history as an all time favorite. 80’s teen queen Molly Ringwald struggles with life, love, and foreign exchange students in the suburbs of Chicago.

#9 Risky Business
Quite possibly every young man’s dream, this film shot Tom Cruise into stardom. An unbelievable tale of what happens when a young man is left to his own devices, in an upscale suburb of the city.

#10 Public Enemies
Infamous gangster John Dillinger is brought to the big screen in this recent film. With scenes shot from NW Indiana, to Lincoln Avenue, Johnny Depp brings one of the most infamous Chicago villains to life, and to death, as history would have it, in and around Chicago.


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