Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is almost like the yellow-brick-road of downtown. The Michigan Avenue District boasts some of the best shopping, entertainment, dining, and lodging options in the entire city. It is a mecca for Chicago attractions. While the streets are loaded with shopping and dining options, eventually your arms will become full. This is the perfect time to fill up your ears and eyes with some of the best attractions in Chicago.

Garrett Popcorn
Taking in all of the sights of the Magnificent Mile is basically like a live movie. Beautiful architecture, intriguing sounds, and interesting people make up the atmosphere. No movie is complete without popcorn to munch on. Garrett Popcorn is so delicious that they were able to spread from their original Chicago location to other metropolitan locations internationally. Start here to fuel your adventurous side.

360 Chicago
360 Chicago was formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory. As the name implies, you are delivered a 360 degree view of Chicago and Lake Michigan from 1,000 feet up. Their newest attraction, dubbed Tilt, give you a view that you cannot find anywhere else! The feature lets eight visitors at a time experience a downward facing view of the Magnificent Mile and the Chicago skyline as a portion of the building extends outward.

Pumping Station & Water Tower
Chicago’s rich history and beautiful architecture shine through vibrantly when visiting these two attractions. It was constructed between 1867 & 1869 to house and regulate the municipal water source. It is one of the very few buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871; because of this it has become Chicago’s most treasured and familiar landmark. The water tower is currently used as a showroom for local photographers and artists, there is always something on display.

Chicago History Museum
Whether you are just a traveler or rooted deep into the city, the Chicago History Museum is truly worth a visit. Chicago has been a workhorse of a city throughout the history of America. This city has experienced so much over the years and it is documented very well. The museum is a place to sink into Chicago’s history, overlook the present, and give you a sneak-peak into the future.

Shedd Aquarium
The Shedd Aquarium is the place to see almost every type of water-based ecosystem up close and personal. Taking you from the Amazon Rainforest, to coral reefs and coastlines of the Pacific Northwest. They even have a polar play zone if you are one that can’t get over how cute penguins are.

Water Tower Place
The streets may be lined with department store and boutiques, but Water Tower Place offers an entirely new level of shopping; eight levels to be exact. With over 100-shops and a large variety of eateries, it is easy to lose yourself in here for an entire day. If the weather is not in your favor outside, this will be your shopping destination.

Chicago Chocolate Tours
The Chicago Chocolate Tours is the perfect reason to replace lunch with some of the best chocolate and baked goods in the city. They have various routes, but the Magnificent Mile tour occurs weekly [sometimes multiple times]. The tour will take you to sample some of the best of the best sweets to ultimately satisfy your sweet-tooth and leave you craving more. Chicago is known for its amazing food; the flavors don’t end at pizza and hot dogs.

Broadway in Chicago
Broadway in Chicago offers creativity at its best. With five theaters showcasing some for the best Broadway plays and world debuts of plays destined to hit the stage of Broadway, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the best stage performances without having to jump a plane to NYC.

The Redhead Piano Bar
The Red Head Piano Bar is a great place to settle in once the light dissipates on the streets. Lively, upbeat music and a welcoming atmosphere makes for a great venue to sip wine and indulge in a cigar. They do pride themselves on being an upscale venue, this means that they do have a dress-code. Sneakers and torn jeans will not get you in here. For a classy night with classy music, The Redhead Piano Bar is worth checking out.

The Second City
The Second City has humble beginnings that date back to December of 1959. Since its opening is has housed some of the best of the best in the comedy world, from John Belushi and John Candy to Eugene Levy and Martin Short. The Second City is the premiere improv venue in Chicago. The food is good, the alcohol is plentiful and the laughs are constant.

The options on the Magnificent Mile seem almost endless. Show up early and leave late; you will be happy you did.


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