Chicago is already a massive world of adventure for us adults; imagine what it is like for children. Skyscrapers seem that much larger and so do the slices of famous Chicago pizza. Luckily, many establishments have realized this and have created attractions in Chicago kids will enjoy to the fullest.

While all of these venues provide immense amounts of fun and ways to burn energy, many of them provide valuable learning experiences that your child may never forget.

Legoland Discovery Center
Legoland Discovery Center is a child’s haven. If your child is already a Lego fanatic or you are looking for a reason to introduce them, this center is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. There are building stations everywhere, as well as tours, rides, and 4d movies to make the visit a complete experience. One of the best features is your child being able to build Lego cars and race them against other’s children’s creations on the track!

Extreme Trampolines
For lack of a more perfect term, a day at Extreme Trampolines is, well, extreme! This facility has trampolines lining a huge room from wall to wall, and on the walls. A massive foam pit allows you to take on acrobatics like you never imagined. Covering ground takes no time at all, and airtime is in no shortage here. The best thing about Extreme Trampolines is that it is fun for the entire family. Muster up the inner-child in you and catch some hang-time with your children.

Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America is a great escape from daily life. Six Flags is the equivalent of having a state fair at your disposal everyday, multiplied by ten! Their ride selection is vast to provide ample fun for people of all ages. Chicago temperatures can become brutally hot in the summer, which makes for Six Flag’s water park the perfect destination. From lazy rivers, to multi-story water slides, everyone will leave with a smile on their face and exhaustion in their eyes.

Lincoln Park Zoo
The Lincoln Park Zoo is a great excuse to spend the day outside. Free admission and being open year around makes for an easy day of family fun. The amount of animal exhibits is enormous. Once you make your way through looking at the amazing animals, and watching your child’s eyes triple in size, you can treat them to a ride on the carousel or the mini-train. The zoo provides many educational classes throughout the day for your children to attend if you need a little wind down time in the beer & wine garden.

Morton Arboretum
The Morton Arboretum is a nature haven that has a designated area to make sure children get the most out of their days outside. The Children’s Garden is an area that encompasses children’s imaginations and sparks their curiosity. The garden is split into three areas with different themes to keep their imagination going as quickly as their bodies. To accent the fun of the Garden, you can also check out the Tree House Tales area. This ‘village’ area is made up of six whimsical and themed tree houses that all possess stories to invigorate the mind.

Kohl Children’s Museum
Kohl Children’s Museum is a treasure chest of wonders. Their extensive list of exhibits to explore is enough for a visit to last hours, and not a moment of that time will be wasted. This place is perfect for hands-on learning about the world around us, from grocery stores, to car care and the environment. Everything is adapted into a way that is fun for children and allows them to interact fully so they can take it all in. This is a must stop for any curious child.

Pirate’s Cove Theme Park
Pirate’s Cove Theme Park is the perfect place for young children to experience a theme park made with them in mind. From the carousel, train ride, paddleboats, slides and a lot more attractions, your tike will find their way to use of all of their energy here. They have movie nights and other attractions so be sure to check in regularly to stay up to date.

Alder Planetarium
Alder Planetarium is a wonder for children and adults alike. It takes you into a side of the universe that is not seen by many eyes. Exhibits cover everything from the first known use of astrology, to today’s efforts to explore the great unknown. Interactive displays and amazing star shows will captivate your eyes and your mind. Children’s areas are in place for them to play while they learn about space techniques, technology, and how it affects their world. One exhibit even recreates what the night sky looked like in 1913 before light pollution took of Chicago kids and adults will love it. Explore the skies above us by spending an afternoon at Alder Planetarium.

Chicago Children’s Museum
The Chicago Children’s Museum is located on Navy Pier, which gives you all the more reason to visit. This museum is also very heavy with hands-on interactions to broaden your child’s imagination. Forts, tree houses, dinosaurs, crafts, and constructing skyscrapers are just a small taste of options that your child will experience. There is always something going on to invigorate minds and use up energy.

Wrigley Field
If you want to go All-American, you really cannot beat catching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. The roar of the crowd evokes excitement all around. Couple that with popcorn and a famous Chicago hotdog and you have already had a successful evening. Experiencing professional sports as a child really is like stepping into a video game. Everything just seems so surreal that it will put the largest grin ever on your child’s face.


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