Are you the type of person that likes to enjoy life on just two-wheels? Chicago is becoming a model city as far as being bicycle friendly.

This guide covers all of the essential to pedaling around the city and surrounding areas. We also provide you will other great resources incase you are looking for more in-depth information.

Pedal on.


Bike Chicago – Your 2-Wheel Guide

City of Chicago – Bicycling in the City
The City of Chicago prides itself in being one of the largest cities with one of the most innovative bicycle infastructures. On top of the 18.5 miles of the Lakefront Trail, there are off-street paths, as well as more than 200 miles of protected on-street bike lanes. Being able to bike Chicago is only going to continue to become easier. Their-Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 calls for 645-mile network of biking facilities to be in place by 2020. It will provide a bicycle accommodation within half-mile of every Chicagoan. You can find all of the information on biking the city, at this website. Trail maps, parking, transit, and more are all listed here.
You can find a layout of the bike laws here.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources – Bicycle Trail Guide
Many avid bicyclers do not want to be confined to the concrete of just Chicago. Fortunately, Illinois is a diverse state that provides an ample amount of scenery as you pedal across it. Their page covers some of the favorite, and most scenic routes from around the state. From road-biking across the plains and shores of the Great Lakes, to mountain biked in the rolling hills – they have it all covered for you.
Be sure to utilize the Department of Transportation Bicycle Map for Illinois. It is an entire map of Illinois, with traffic-volume ratings for each roadway. Stay safe.

Chicago Bike Racing – Race Guide
Chicago Bike Racing is dedicated to the sport of, you guessed it, bicycle racing. The state of Illinois and the surrounding areas are actually pretty hearty when it comes to competitive cycling. There are over eighty events spanning across the months of March through August. The website covers event listings, teams, riders, news, and point standings. If this is your type of thing, you will love this website.

The Chainlink – Bike Community Forum
The Chainlink is the online meeting place for people around Chicago to discuss everything bike related. It connects like-minded people, and helps them to setup local rides and meets. There are currently over 10,000 members. Whether someone has a question of where to take their bike for a tuneup – or meet for a bike ride that ends in a backyard barbecue.. The Chainlink helps to make it all happen. They have a plethora of rides and events organized this year; their calendar page will keep you in the know.

The Chicago Bicycle Advocate – Fighting For The Right To Bike
The Chicago Bicycle Advocate is a news-source that is dedicated to bicycle incidents in the judicial system. It is run by Freeman Kevenides Law Firm, a law firm representing bicyclists and bicycle accident victims. They fight for fair representation of bicyclists and pedestrians, the pavement is for everyone after all. If you are looking to become more educated with your rights, or what is going on in the news – The Chicago Bicycle Advocate does a very good job up staying current. Their main concern is for you to be able to be safe while you bike Chicago.

Chicago Stolen Bike Registry – Theft Report
This is a fear that most bicyclist have; unfortunately it is a very real fear. The best protection you can take is locking your bike up inside, but sometimes that is not a viable option. A hefty bike lock usually does the trick, especially since it would take a thief much more time to break through it. Incase of the unfortunate event that your bike does go missing, be sure to report it to local authorities and the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry.

Divvy – Bike Rental
Bike Chicago Divvy bike rental station in downtown Divvy is revolutionizing bike rentals in Chicago. The process of renting a bike is much like renting a car, usually without all the hassle though. You stop by one of their many, many stations – snag a bike, swipe your card, and off you go. Pricing plans are very reasonable, especially when comparing it to the price of hailing a taxi.

Their website has a map covering all of the bike rental stations, as well as a rough showing of the stock of their inventory.
Divvy is a great way to get around town, and get a little taste of how enjoyable it is to bike Chicago.

Bike and Roll Chicago – Bike Rental / Tours
Bike and Roll Chicago makes exploring fun. They offer bikes in many different sizes and style to accommodate your riding needs. From comfortable city cruisers, to blazing road bikes, and even electric bikes – they have it and everything in between. If you are looking to be more group involved, tandem bikes and quadcycles put everyone on the same unit and splits the pedaling duty. They have many unique bike designs, and all the equipment necessary to allow your children to join in on the fun. They offer tours of the city that range from architectural sight-seeing, to food tours.

They have multiple locations around the city – find the nearest one here.

Bobby’s Bike Hike – Bike Rental / Tours
Bobby’s Bike Hike has all of the essentials for the entire family to enjoy a day full of bike riding. Their main attractions are their tour offerings. The Lakefront Neighborhoods Tour is by far their most famous. It is suitable for nearly every rider out there. It takes you away from the skyscrapers and amidst the quiet neighborhood streets, city parks, and bustling beaches of the North Side of Chicago. You also get to see some of the most famous houses in Chicagoland. On top of that, they offer night tours of the city lights, food tours, museum tours, and a gangster tour to get insight into Chicago’s past. Just to add one more option, they offer a walking tour incase you decide you would rather bike Chicago on your own time.

540 N. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611
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