For some, blasting across Lake Michigan on a jetski– or meeting up with those random Tinder matches that seem like there is a 91% chance that it was not them in their photos– does not quite provide the sense of adrenaline that they crave. For some, they must take to the air. Aerial extreme sports in Chicago (usually the surrounding area) can provide a sense of freedom that really cannot be put into words. It’s not until you embrace that feeling of weightlessness or defying gravity with flight for yourself that you will either embrace it fully and have it potentially change your life forever– or you will just chalk it up as a neat or terrifying experience. Either way– get off the ground!

•If this sort of thing makes you feel somewhat timid– trained professionals will be with you the entire time. If you want to participate in any of the following extreme sports solo,
you must take the proper training and receive certification.


Extreme Sports in Chicago :


Skydiving Chicago

Do you enjoy getting away for awhile? Maybe you want to take in the sights with Chicago in the (way) distance? Perhaps you just want to be free falling at 120mph? All of those and more will be accomplished if you commit to one of the many Chicago skydiving adventure companies. Whether you are just wanting to test it out, or become certified so you can one day jump alone… or participate in those groups that do synchronized swimming routines, but up in the air almost 13,000 feet, there are options to suite you. Commit to getting off of the ground and experience an unadulterated minute-long free fall as you take in the horizons around you– followed by the pull zone allowing you to regain your composure as you gently float back to earth.

Chicago Skydiving Businesses
Name Website Location Telephone
Skydive Chicago 3215 E 1969th Rd. Ottawa. IL 61350 (815) 433-0000
Chicago Skydiving Center 1207 W Gurler Rd. Rochelle. IL 61068 (815) 561-3663
Skydive Midwest 13851 56th Rd. Sturtevant. WI 53177 (262) 886-3480


Hang Gliding Chicago

The true feeling of flight is something that has captivated humans for as long as we’ve been around (that’s my hypothesis). The creations of planes have made flight a reality– but on a more personal level, the extreme sport of hang gliding can provide that intimate feeling of flight. You may not be flapping wings or using a high-tech jetpack, but you are still manipulating air currents to stay risen above the ground for a very extended amount of time. While skydiving provides a massive thrill, hang gliding is more leisurely and gives you the time to adjust to the situation and really relax to be able to fully take in the experience.

Chicago Hang Gliding Businesses
Name Website Location Telephone
Hang Glide Chicago 3234 N 700 East Rd. Chebanse. IL 60922 (219) 746-1480
Wisconsin Hang Gliding LLC N463 County Rd N. Whitewater. WI. 53190 (269) 993-7721
Raven Sky Sports County Rd N. Whitewater. WI 53190 (262) 473-8800


Paragliding & Powered Paragliding Chicago

Paragliding is one of the most relaxed forms of aerial extreme sports in Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, viewing the world below you as an ant’s playground is still enough to get your adrenaline pumping. If you want to get into the air, but full fledged skydiving seems a little too hasty– paragliding is the perfect step. It gives you an entirely different experience of weightlessness.

If you like the idea of paragliding, but want something just a step beyond– powered paragliding (paramotoring) may be just what you need. It is essentially a motor/fan that is strapped to the pilot’s back. There are also forms where you sit in a small buggy-type vehicle. This can make paragliding possible when there is no wind, as well as being able to take off from ground easily and cruise at variable altitudes (from dragging your toes to thousands of feet).

Chicago Paragliding Businesses
Name Website Location Telephone
Chicago Paragliding Multiple Locations in IL & IN (708) 935-0177
Blackhawk Paramotor Multiple Locations Around IL (209) 786-7899
NIPPGI 1482 Main St. Antioch. IL 60002 (224) 717-0897


If you’ve taken to the sky, we’d highly enjoy hearing about your experience in the comments below!


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