Airports can sometimes feel more like a prison than a gateway to the world. Time spent between flights should be well used rather than abused. This list compiles some of the best O’Hare restaurants to spend your time, indulge in some food, and refresh with a drink.

Goose Island Brewing Co.
Goose Island Brewing Company is a staple of Chicago. They opened their doors in 1988 in the heart of Lincoln Park, and have since expanded to two other locations; their location in O’Hare Airport being one of them. Whether you only have to time to sit down and enjoy a locally brewed beer, or you have time to sit back and enjoy a full meal, they have much to offer with their pub food and atmosphere.

Gaslight Club
The Gaslight Club is a perfect place to escape the hectic atmosphere of O’Hare. Walking through the doors here is like walking through a time portal. They have recreated the look, feel, and general atmosphere of the early 1900s superbly. This fine dining establishment truly is on a level of its own, and they have been doing it since 1953.

Tortas Frontera
Gourmet Mexican cuisine is the staple at Tortas Frontera. This restaurant, by Rick Bayless, has been said to serve the best Modern Mexican cuisine anywhere above the border. They serve a wide variety of tortas [sandwiches] and a variety of refreshing as well as fresh drinks. Treat yourself and your taste buds next time you find yourself in O’Hare by stopping by Tortas Frontera.

Wicker Park Sushi
Wicker Park Sushi is one of O Hare s newest eateries [opened December of 2013]. Since it s opening, it has already become the favorite stop for many hungry travelers. The styling is very modern and sets itself apart from the rest of the airport. They do offer quick platters that you can grab as you walk by, but sitting down is the best way to enjoy their sushi. Everything is made to order to guarantee freshness.

La Tapenade
La Tapenade specializes in great service and Mediterranean cuisine. Their main focus is on gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, and salads; they have nailed it with each and every one of them. Their paninis are delicious, their pizzas offer unique toppings, and their salads use only the best ingredients.

Berghoff Cafe
Berghoff Cafe is a unique setting amongst the bustle of O’Hare. Their menu is pretty extensive and they specialize in food that you would traditionally find in Germany. If you are in the mood to grab a drink to ease the stress of travel, it is hard to deny that pairing German cuisine and beer will be satisfying.

Tuscany is your stop if you are craving pasta before you leave the airport. Their full menu offers variety that would expect from an Italian restaurant. The restaurant is somewhat tucked away in an unusual location but it provides a great view of the runway, as well as being a very large establishment. The dining and bar areas are equivalent to a normal restaurant, which makes finding a seat easy.

Wolfgang Puck
This version of Wolfgang Puck is an express outlet. They have taken their most popular items from their main restaurants and made them the focus here [pizzas, salads, paninis]. This style of menu provides quality in a timely matter. If your stomach is growling early in the A.M., their breakfast options are something to sit down for.

Tocco has branched out from its acclaimed location in the downtown area to provide their great service and taste to visitors of O’Hare. Their menu mimics that of which you would find in Rome. For anyone that truly likes to thrill their taste buds and perhaps even try something new, Tocco has the knowledge and knowhow to make that happen.

America’s Dog
For a true Chicago experience, even if you cannot leave the airport, indulging in a loaded hot dog is the true spirit. America’s Dog provides an extensive list of hot dog creations, as well as offering salads, burger, sandwiches, and wraps to accommodate everyone’s taste.

If you make it past the O’Hare restaurants and decide to explore the city, consider one of these restaurants with an amazing view:

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