There is not a shortage of professional Chicago sports teams. Before Chicago had the established teams of today, many have come an gone. Some of those teams appeared a hundred or more years ago, while others have appeared and disappeared in the last handful of years.

Some of these classic Chicago sports teams are still in existence today, just under new names.

The Chicago bears were technically founded in 1919. Even the Arizona Cardinals’ origin is based in Chicago.

Chicago even hosted the Packers for awhile, but not quite what you are thinking.

There is no arguing that this city is driven by sports and has some of the most dedicated fans in the land.

Now is the time to show respect to some of the names that impacted the sports scene around the city– even if the impact barely lasted.

Chicago Football Teams
Decatur/Chicago Staleys (1919-1922) *Fun Fact– they are now known as the Chicago Bears.
Chicago Bulls (1926) *You read that right.
Chicago Rockets (1946-1949)
Chicago Hornets (1946-1949)
Chicago Cardinals (1922-1960) *Now the Arizona Cardinals. Their legacy traces back to ~1898.
Chicago Owls (1968-1969)
Chicago Fire (1974)
Chicago Winds (1975)
Chicago Blitz (1983-1984)
Chicago Bruisers (1987-1989)
Chicago Rush (2001-2013)
Chicago Enforcers (2001)
Chicago Slaughter (2007-2013)

Chicago Basketball Teams
Chicago Bruins (1925-1942)
Chicago Stags (1946-1950)
Chicago American Gears (1944-1947)
Chicago Packers (1961-1962) *Chicago did not always hate the Packers.
Chicago Zephyrs (1962-1963) *Formerly known as the Packers; they are now the Washington Wizards.
Chicago Majors (1961-1962)
Chicago Hustle (1978-1981)
Chicago Rockers (1994-1996)
Chicago Express (1998)
Chicago Condors (1997-1998)
Chicago Skyliners (2000)
Chicago Blaze (2002-2005)
Chicago Rockstars (2006-2007)

Chicago Baseball Teams
Chicago Union Giants (1901-1905) *Combined the Chicago Unions and the Chicago Columbia Giants
Leland Giants (1905-1910) *Rename of the Chicago Union Giants, after the owner Frank Leland.
Chicago American Giants (1910-1952) *The continuation of the Leland Giants.
Chicago Whales (1914-1915)
Cook County Cheetahs (1997-2004) *They are now the Windy City Thunderbolts
Schaumburg Flyers (1999-2001)
Joliet Jackhammers (2002-2010)
Lake County Fielders (2010-2012)

Chicago Hockey Teams
Chicago Shamrocks (1930-1932)
Chicago Cougars (1972-1975)
Chicago Cheetahs (1994-1995)
Chicago Hounds (2006-2007)
Chicago Express (2011-2012)

Chicago Soccer Teams
Chicago Sparta (1915-1990) *One of the longest continually established soccer clubs in the United States.
Chicago Spurs (1967)
Chicago Mustangs (1967-1968)
Chicago Stig (1975-1988)
Chicago Horizons (1980-1981)
Chicago Power (1988-1996)