Chicago basketball courts are in abundance outside of the Chicago Bulls’ United Center home court. With so many options, it is sometime hard to narrow it down to one. Many of the courts are located in fantastic parks that provide activities to do when not on the court. If you are lost when it comes to choosing a court, try these ones out for size:

Foster Beach
Foster Beach only contains one basketball court, but that makes it the perfect venue to start pick-up games. With only one court, means that full court games will go interrupted by balls from other courts or other players running blindly into you.
The upkeep is not the best in the city, that is for sure; missing nets are usually the biggest factor. The view of Lake Michigan [being on the shoreline] and the pick-up game factor easily overrule the downfalls.

Jackson Park
Jackson Park is among the top courts in the city as far as upkeep goes. The court seems to be meticulously maintained. The court is always in good condition, along with the nets and rim. Lake Michigan is in your sights and close enough to dive into on a hot summer day after a pick-up game. The park contains two courts that run parallel to each other.

California Park
California Park has a very equipped basketball court. Many courts around town are lacking the fundamental lines of playing regulation basketball; therefore many games are played one-point at a time. California Park’s courts boast full painted lines, as well as decently up-kept boards, rims, and nets.

Horner Park
Horner Park is somewhat of a mecca for the athletic park scene. They boast multiple venues for basically every outdoor sport. Their basketball sector is made up of two full-size courts that increase your chance of snagging a spot for a good three on three game. There are lights shining on the tennis courts, next to the basketball complexes, that provide a little light to extend your basketball game slightly longer, unfortunately it is not enough to make night games a possibility.

Gompers Park
Gompers Park has about the same appeal as Foster Beach when it comes to number of courts. One court seems limiting, but if you can get it all to yourself to start a full-court game why would you not want that? The court is away from everything else, allowing no distractions or interruptions during the game at hand. Parking is easy, the court is pretty well kept, and it is not overly crowded.

I understand that sometimes the court nearest you is the best court. Chicago basketball courts are plentiful; to find the one nearest to you visit Courts of the World.

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