January 30, 2008

Chicago’s Ten Best Pizzas 2007

It's nearly February, and it may be a little late for a 2007 round-up, but I'll risk it.

Chicago is well-known for its pizza, but who has the best? Trust me, this question has long been debated by Chicagoans and an agreement won't be reached any time soon. Here is a list of Chicago's ten best pizza places (according to Citysearch). And remember, it's all subjective, so if you don't agree, let's hear it! Who do you think has the best?

pizzeria unoaurelios pizzavito and nick's

10. Pizzeria Uno. The one, the only, the original. Loosen your belts now.

9. Aurelio's Pizza. This huge restaurant has been full of loyal regulars for over 30 years.

8. Vito & Nick's. The d'cor may not be pretty, but the pizza looks (and tastes) darn good.

caponies trattoriapetes pizzaginos east

7. Caponie's Trattoria. Owners Daniel and Anthony celebrate their heritage like no one else.

6. Pete's Pizza. I have two words for you: order in.

5. Gino's East. If you enjoy reading, the walls here provide plenty of material.

pats pizzerialou malnatishome run inn

4. Pat's Pizzeria & Ristorante. Even Roger Ebert gave this place a 'thumbs up.'

3. Lou Malnati's. If you're going to have deep dish, you might as well get it straight from the man who invented it.

2. Home Run Inn. Being announced #1 pizza at the Taste of Chicago six times in a row is mighty impressive.


1. Ed & Joe's Restaurant. Known far and wide for their thin crust, this place surprisingly also has one of the best 'taco pizzas' anywhere.


5 comments to Chicago’s Ten Best Pizzas 2007

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