October 9, 2008

Weekend Quickies (Oct 10-12, ‘08)

' The 11th Annual Chicago Art Open presents drawings, paintings, photographs, and more by nearly 300 artists at Merchandise Mart. (ends Oct 19)

pink ribbon' Several local spas are taking part in the Pretty in Pink Fundraiser and offering fixed-price ($31) massages, facials, and other beauty treatments. Every participating spa and salon has made a donation to Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Be sure to mention 'Pretty in Pink' when booking your appointment. (ends Oct 31)

' Want to see something spooky? Take the Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour, featuring Hull House, the sites of the St Valentine's Day Massacre and Eastland Disaster, and more. (RSVP required)

' Want to see something funny? Check out Friday the Halloweenth: the 3-D Murderous Musical! The play pokes fun at '80s slasher flicks and includes the usual victims: the Virgin, the Foreign Exchange Student, the Stoner' Be prepared to be splattered with (washable) blood. (Fridays, ends Oct 31)

chicago country music festival' The 18th annual Chicago Country Music Festival will feature local and national artists, including Gretchen Wilson and Taylor Swift. (Oct 11-12)

' The 19th annual Chicago Humanities Festival 'Thinking Big' celebrates history's big ideas with 120 programs in 25 venues throughout the city. (ends Nov 16)

' The Horror Society Film Festival brings 12 hours of the most blood-filled, gory, intense horror on the big screen to the Portage Theater. With every ticket purchased, you will receive your own barf bag. Um, ew. (Oct 11)

andersonville' Two dozen restaurants and shops on the north side will take part in the 3rd annual Andersonville Dessert Crawl. Two different 'crawls' will each feature 12 dining stops. (Oct 12)

' Charlie's Chicago hosts its very first Chicago Frito Pie Contest. Amateur chefs have re-invented this comfort food favorite. Five dollars earns you a taste of each; then you can vote for a winner. Proceeds go to the Howard Brown Health Clinic, Direct Aid, and Vital Bridges. (Oct 12)

Photo credit: (c/o SXC) Crystal Woroniuk, City of Chicago, (c/o Flickr) zol87

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