Culinary arts schools are a great way to master the fine arts involved in preparing and cooking great dishes. Chicago has a wide variety of culinary arts schools that can help teach you about the different aspects of professional cooking. Not all of them focus on the same types of cooking so read carefully before choosing. Picking any of these cooking schools in Chicago guarantees you an excellent, intense, and educational immersion in the world of culinary arts.

Master the Art of Pastry Preparation

#1 TheFrench Pastry School of Kennedy King College
Pastry dishes have become a big business in the culinary arts world. “The Food Network” features at least four shows about cupcake preparation alone. The French Pastry School of Kennedy King College is the finest pastry culinary arts school in Chicago. It has two different programs for its students. The L’Art de la P’tisserie program lasts 24-weeks. It focuses on sanitation and many aspects of baking such as the theory, history, and science behind it. The 16-week L’Art du G’teau program is less extensive. It’s designed for people interested in baking and decorating cakes.

Bigger is Sometimes Better

#2 The Chopping Block
Many culinary arts schools are small programs that are highly specialized. The Chopping Block is Chicago’s biggest culinary arts school. It focuses on many different aspects of culinary arts such as preparing ethic food, vegetarian dishes, seasonal meals, home style cooking, baking and much more. The Chopping Block also has some of the finest culinary arts teachers in the world such as Lillian Chou, a writer, chef and food stylist. It also hosts private parties to give its students real world experience with catering.

Can’t Beat Tradition

#3 Kendall College
Sometimes the best education comes from the most established institutions. Kendall College is one of Chicago’s most legendary and well respected universities. Their range of high quality programs has inspired students for decades. Their culinary arts program is no different. It is an intense four-year program that delves into the fundamentals and basic techniques of culinary arts. It focuses on a wide range of cooking styles but especially on international cooking techniques. Graduates of Kendall will have studied Latin American and Asian cooking as well as Middle Eastern and European styles. Kendall also offers restaurant business courses to teach students the basics on proper restaurant operation.


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