December 31, 2007

The Best of The Chicago Traveler 2007

It's time to say good-bye to 2007. The year has treated me very well. I moved to a new apartment, did some traveling, and, best of all, began writing The Chicago Traveler! Many thanks to Mary Jo and everyone at b5media who has been so welcoming and helpful.

Even though The Chicago Traveler is only a few months old, let's take a look back at the ten most popular articles of this year.

10. Abegweit. Resting peacefully on Lake Michigan, this beautiful ship was once the most powerful icebreaker in the world.

9. Let's Boogie Records & Tapes. This music store on the south side of Chicago offers a wide selection of new, unopened vinyl records.

8. Weather Bell. At Monroe and Clark Streets, the bell has long outlasted its original owner.

evil oliveinterstatewholly frijoles

7. Evil Olive. This Wicker Park martini bar looks great no matter what direction you're coming from. Yo Banana Boy!

6. Chicago Highways. Chicagoans rarely call the seven major highways by their actual names. Instead, we rely on nicknames' and maybe a few not-so-nice words during rush hour.

5. Wholly Frijoles. The waiting list may be a mile long, but the food is most certainly worth your patience.

relax loungedaley centerchicago river

4. Relax Lounge. Relaxation here comes in the form of beats, brews, and burgers.

3. Daley Center. The premier civic center of Chicago is considered one of the city's architectural highlights. Obviously though, voluntary visits are much more fun than obligatory ones.

2. Chicago River. Chicago's river may not have a good reputation, but it's still an incredible example of city engineering. How many rivers do you know that flow backwards?


1. Beatnix. Although originally featured for Halloween, this Boystown corner shop is fun and fabulous all year long.


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