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Chicago Celebrates Halloween

by User ImageMatt B on October 25th, 2007

'I have to admit, I love this time of year. While I'm not a fan of chilly weather or candy-greedy kids, I can't get enough of all things creepy and spooky. If you enjoy an adrenaline rush and want to potentially bust some ghosts, grab a tour with Chicago Ghost Investigations. This paranormal research group will teach you how to use authentic ghost-hunting equipment, including cameras, sensors, and thermal scanners. CGI investigators will be there to guide you, but for approximately two hours, you are the ghost hunter. This mind-altering experience is incredibly fun but also very intense, so be prepared. Tours are available year-round, Thursdays through Sundays.

Let's do the Time Warp Again! Who doesn't love the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Members of Midnight Madness will be performing at Chicago's well-known alternative and classic film venue, the Music Box Theatre, Friday and Saturday at midnight. Where else is the audience just as entertaining as the movie? As expected, this showing sells out every year, so advance tickets are highly recommended.

Just about every bar, club, and attraction is doing something in honor of Halloween this weekend. Here are just a few:

' The evils spirits of Halloween are rising from the depths as Navy Pier presents Navy Fear. Enter a 'Salvage and Recovery' facility that houses the remains of angry spirits. (Oct 24-31)

' Watch your back! Wind your way through a half mile of wooded footpaths depicting scary scenes of a deserted carnival crawling with creepy characters. The Trails of Terror at Peterson Park are not suitable for young children. (Oct 25-30)

' Small groups wander through the scary rooms of the Haunted Sanitarium, each with its own theme such as a cemetery, morgue, circus, dentist's office, haunted castle, clown room, and haunted junkyard. The Theater on the Lake also features a waiting area with concessions and creepy movies. (Oct 24-31)

' For over 20 years, the folks at Saint Pascal Parish have been scaring the 'hell' out of people with their haunted houses. The tradition continues this year with Underworld, an industrial-accident theme including costumed characters, mazes, and props. Kids under 7 will not be admitted. (Oct 25-28)

' Get a free pumpkin to carve and be displayed at Sheffield's. They'll even provide the carving utensils. But get there early, the pumpkins are first come, first served. And while others are bobbing for apples, you'll be bobbing for budget beers in the beer garden for just a buck! (Oct 25)

' Dream Theatre performs Jeremy Menekseoglu's Anna, In the Darkness, a thriller about a town that gathers together to kill a young teacher trapped in her house… and the chilling experience will leave you feeling like you're trapped inside with her. (Oct 25-31)

' Head to the seven rooms of Alhambra for Sexy Scream Fest, a costume-required affair, featuring live body painting, complimentary cocktails, spinning DJs, and a costume contest with cash prizes. (Oct 25)

' Medusa's in Elgin presents Medusa Halloween, a party featuring two dance floors, seven DJs, five bars, a costume contest, and live music by The Gin Blossoms. (Oct 26)

' Head to Plan B for the Boo & Brew. For $40, you can start off with some fun cocktails named after monster-themed breakfast cereals. (Try the Count Chocula Martini!) After the drinks, you'll hop on a bus and hit up some of the city's most infamous haunted spots. Of course, cocktails will be served all along the way as well as at the party after the tour. (Oct 26)

' Seadog Cruises at Navy Pier offers a 60-minute Haunted Chicago Tour. A costumed ghostly character tells tales of supernatural and inexplicable events that have taken place throughout Chicago while cruising up the Chicago River and out to Lake Michigan. (Oct 26)

' They just don't make movies like they used to. Portage Theater hosts the Monster Movie Festival, showing seven classic films, including a double feature on Sunday. Titles include The Wolfman (1941), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Phantom of the Opera (1925), and John Carpenter's Halloween (1978). (Oct 26-31)

' Are you a devoted fan? Dress up as your favorite celebrity on Friday for a chance to win prizes at Boutique, as well as complimentary entry until midnight. On Saturday, any costume will get you in for free until 11 p.m.; limited entry for you party-poopers without one. (Oct 26-27)

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