I almost put the claim in the title as ” Boiler Room Chicago’s Best Dinner Deal ” but that would be a hard claim to fully backup. However, even with Chicago being so expansive and the food scene constantly exploding– Boiler Room remains as one of the best bangs for your buck in the city.

The deal that makes Logan Square’s Boiler Room so initially attractive is their ‘the pb&j’.
A mere $8.50 will net you a PBR Pounder, a shot of Jameson Whiskey and a fairly aggressive slice of pizza. When ordered separately, then PBR Pounder would run you $3 and the same for a Jamo shot– which means that Boiler Room pizza is going for just $2.50 a slice.

You may be thinking, “that all sounds fine and dandy, but a dinky slice of Digiorno-esc Pizza isn’t going to satisfy me.” You’re exactly right, it wouldn’t satisfy me either. Fortunately, Boiler Room pizza slices aren’t anything remotely close to that.

One piece of pizza, a pound of beer, shot of whiskey and an appetizer was plenty to start my night out and keep me going throughout. The Boiler Room pizza slice is actually the first pizza that I have eaten in its entirety folded over– that’s 25 and a half years of unfolded pizza in and around my mouth.

Their ultra thin crust had that perfect combination of softness while still remaining crispy. I would have been content with just their crust to dip in marinara sauce, but adding cheese and sausage is never a bad call.

To accompany the pizza slice, I opted for the Boiler Room’s PBR Meatballs – and I’m a firm believer that you should too. The focaccia bread that it is served with is worthy of eating an entire loaf straight to your dome– especially when dipped in the house marinara sauce that drenches the meatballs. As with nearly any Italian dish, the addition of ricotta cheese and herbs tops it off nicely.

The Boiler Room is a CASH ONLY establishment. However, you don’t have to fear the ATM charges here. To combat that extra fee tacked onto your withdrawal, they will happily trade that ATM receipt of yours for a free shot of Jameson Whiskey. There really is no losing scenario here.

Boiler Room Breakdown

Logan Square’s Boiler Room is the perfect place to kick off the night. This ‘pb&j’ special is 7-days a week, all day. Their appetizers are solid, pizza is fantastic, craft beer list is loaded and the prices are truly hard to beat. The atmosphere is welcoming with a fairly large inside dining area, and a back patio area that is is utilized year-round. It is covered in a canvas during the colder months and remains fairly warm with heaters in place.

This patio area also has a projector, which shows old movies– a very nice touch for an insanely affordable and satisfying dinner & movie night out.

Even on a night when hunger strikes hard, a mere $17ºº can snag you two large and in-charge slices of pizza, two PBR Pounders and two Jameson shots (three if you use the ATM). You have to admit, that’s a pretty swell deal.

Boiler Room
2210 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 276-5625


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