Madison Public House has been in business for nearly 3 years. Upon opening, they wanted to create an atmosphere that provided an all-in-one experience; they have succeeded. They may possess a bar appearance, but that is not strictly what they are. Rather than going to a bar and settling for whatever food they are offering, MPH wants your dining experience to be just as satisfying as your drinking experience. With an extensive beer and alcohol collection and a well-rounded food menu, Madison Public House is a Logan Square essential.


The vibe here is very relaxed– although it may be a little different on Friday nights when Karaoke takes over. I find MPH to be a mix of divey and sporty. Not divey in the dirty sense, but more so the fact that they aren’t going overboard or trying to convince you that they’re anything that they aren’t. They are honest, and it’s comforting. The sporty side comes into play with the numerous TVs spread throughout, ensuring that you’ll have a great view while the game is on. There is a decent amount of seating, mixed between the bar, tables, high-tops and a benched wall.


Madison Public House tends to keep roughly 17 beers on tap (give or take one or two)– with many more in bottle and cans. They vary between domestics and crafts, including some of Chicago’s favorite breweries. Their liquor list is also stocked, with a few selections on tap even. It’s really hard to say no to whiskey poured from a tap handle.

They have happy hour daily (and some food specials during the week as well):

Monday – Friday / 5pm – 7pm
Saturday / 7pm – 10pm
Sunday / 6pm – 8pm
$3 Well Drinks & Domestic Beers
$4 Call Drinks & Craft Beers
$5 Premium Drinks & Wine


Madison Public House doesn’t look at their food as a secondary option. Although it may be bar food (wings, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, baskets, ect.) they taste of high-quality ingredients and are prepared well.

Their food is just as much of a reason to visit as their bar, which means that MPH is a perfect stop for lunch or dinner. And, if you’re out and about early enough– they do have a brunch menu that is served from 11am – 4pm. Chicken & Waffles is one of the options, which already makes it a success.

My friends and I started out with original bbq wings– accompanied by a fluffy dinner roll, crisp fries, a side of coleslaw and carrots / celery. The wings were nicely sauced and not completely overboard soaking or on the dry side, like some restaurants. The sauce was packed with flavor and the wings remained firm, yet juicy. The fries were spectacular. They are fresh cut and cooked to the point of crisp on the outside and soft on the inside– perfect.

Next up, I ordered a classic burger– served with those delightful fries, coleslaw and a pickle spear. The burger patties are quality– never frozen, hand packed, 100% beef, and you can taste it. The meat isn’t overly seasoned; whatever little seasoning they use accents the beef in a harmonious way. To make the burger even better, I topped it off with their fresh tasting coleslaw to add another dimension to it.

Madison Public House Overview

The experience ended with a shot of Malort, which was a first for one of my buddies. You can see how much he enjoyed it. All in all, Madison Public House is an asset to Logan Square. The all around atmosphere and satisfying food– backed by a staff that engages in solid conversation– is worth seeking out. Whether you are looking for drinks, dinner or both– be sure to stop into MPH.

Madison Public House
2200 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 697-4576


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