River North’s Dough Bros Tips the Scales in Favor of NY Style Pizza

NY Style Pizza River North Dough Bros

The battle between deep dish and NY style pizza will likely rage on till the end of time, but there’s one thing you’ve got to give to New York City: you can grab a quality slice pretty much anywhere. In Chicago, it takes a little more effort to get an easy pizza fix.

Located at 400 N. State Street, right by our future benevolent overlord Donald Trump’s tower, Dough Bros will easily satisfy your pizza craving. Owned by the team at Cochon Volant, Dough Bros replaced State Street Pizza, which always seemed a little sketchy. These days you can find high quality classic New York style slices, plus subs.


Interior of Dough Bros in Chicago

Dough Bros is a small, counter service restaurant with a few seats and standing space. There’s also a to-go window by the main entrance and they offer deliver via Grub Hub. On a Friday at lunch the place was pretty crowded, but it wasn’t hard to grab a table. The place is relatively no-frills, but walking up to the counter with its mix of wood, black and gold signage, and a mouth-watering array of pizzas makes you feel like you’re in a classic NYC pizza parlor.

exterior of Dough Bros in ChicagoDough Bros Pizza and Subs

What makes Dough Bros unique is they offer about a dozen different sub sandwiches ranging from classic Italian style to a unique take on a Thai Bahn Mi. Of course if you’re a pizza fan like me, nothing’s going to steer you away from grabbing a couple slices ($4 each for a pretty big slice).

Slices and full-size pizzas are all thin crust. It’s crispy and not floppy, but still soft in the center so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a cracker. The mix of sauce and cheese is also on point. Dough Bros use fresh, local ingredients leading to the high quality taste.

NY Style Pizza Slices at Dough Bros in Chicago

They have your typical choices like sausage and pepperoni with some more unique options as well. I tried a slice of their artichoke pizza that’s paired with aged provolone and mozzarella with a white sauce. The vegetarian slice was really refreshing and light, perfect if you don’t want a huge lunch.

Even better was a slice of the Roland, topped with thin slices of zesty lemongrass sausage and a very spicy tomato sauce. The Roland is a great alternative to when you’re looking for something more exciting than a typical sausage slice.

Bottom Line

Dough Bros Pizza in Chicago

Whether you’re at work looking for a quick lunch or taking in the sites over the weekend and want to avoid the crowds at Pizzeria Uno or Lou Malnati’s, check out Dough Bros. They offer high quality slices ranging from old favorites to exciting new flavor combinations with enough variety to keep you coming back, all at the right price.

Dough Bros Pizza
400 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 600-9078

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  1. Matt Matt
    September 1, 2015    

    $4 for a pretty big slice? That’s a tiny slice. It’s not 8 slices to a pizza like most pizza places, it’s 10. Great pizza, extremely disappointing slice sizes.

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