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Third Coast Surf Shop

by Matt B on February 6th, 2008

surfingBrrr' it's cold out there. You may be dreaming of warm beaches where you can sit in the sun and watch the surfers do their thing along the coastline. However, you don't have to go nearly that far to see surfing in action. Just ask any of the folks at the Third Coast Surf Shop in New Buffalo, Michigan, about an hour and a half from the Loop.

A surf shop in Michigan?! That's right, and you can get a lot more than just beachwear and accessories there. The shop actually carries gear, including surfboards and wetsuits, for surfers who can 'hang ten' on any wave' not just the oceanic ones. The Great Lakes (including Lake Michigan) actually provide plenty of good waves, so why don't you see more dudes polishing up their boards here? Well, that's because summer often does not provide the consistent waves many surfers look for. Dudes (and dudettes) who can brave the cold will find that Lake Michigan provides most of its surfable waves during the fall and winter months. And as long as the shorelines aren't frozen solid, you're bound to find a courageous soul or two who is willing to sacrifice a little comfort in search of a lakeside wave.

So if you've always had the curiosity, make a day of it and drive on down. The shop offers rentals, lessons, and a full line of gear, clothing, and accessories. However, I'd recommend you wait until it gets a little warmer out. The multiple days of temperatures below freezing have resulted in, you guessed it, huge amounts of shelf ice.

Photo credit: Ryan Thomas

Third Coast Surf Shop: 22 S Smith St, New Buffalo, MI; 269-932-4575
Winter Hours
Saturday-Sunday: 11:00 a.m. ' 5:00 p.m. EST
Or call to schedule an appointment during the week.

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