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Thanksgiving in Chicago

by kpeoples on November 18th, 2008

It may be a little cool out there right now, but nothing compared to winter in Chicago.'

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the time you have with family and friends.' Its about really being Thankful for what you do have.' Before you go inside to sit down for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to check out the Thanksgiving Day parade.' This parade actually originated many years ago.' It is said that is was to make everyone feel better because we were going through The Depression…..hmmm' sounds familiar.' This one did have a buyout attached to it.' I digress…

The parade begins and ends on State Street of course.' The beginning point is State and Congress and the ending is at State and Randolph.' There will be marching bands, celebrities and of course giant balloons.' The parade begins at 8am and will finish around 11am or so.' Bring the entire family out to see CM Punk (originally from Chicago) who is the Grand Marshal.' CM Punk is a popular wrestler, for those who do not know him.' He was also a former World Heavyweight Champion.

The Thanksgiving Parade will include Budweiser Clydsdales, Circus People, Tumblers, Flame Twirlers and of course Santa Claus.'

If you don’t want to brave the cold, you can stay in and watch the parade from'WGN.

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