January 25, 2009

National Chocolate Cake Day


January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day. What a great day to have. Too bad it's only once a year however we can all celebrate it after today just to help feed our memories (yeah right). On this day, yellow cake or white cake just won't do. Cheesecake and carrot cake are great, but today we must have chocolate cake.

It is unclear where this day came from however the objective is clear. We must bake, decorate and/or eat a chocolate cake today. When it's 12am on Tuesday, why not get started!

The types of chocolate cake could include milk chocolate, dark chocolate or fudge or my personal favorite is something in between otherwise known as “Yes” when someone asks you which one you would like.

You may decide to take a chocolate tour. Here in Chicago there is a company called Chicago Chocolate Tours. This tour will guide you through the streets of Chicago hitting the major places for chocolate. You can take a tour with others or have a private tour. Either way you will get samples along the way which will help you get to your objective of Chocolate.

Chocolate cake can be found at Letizia's Natural Bakery on Division Street. Chose from scrumptious cake such as Hazlenut Truffle, Foresta Nera and Torta Lamponi all with yummy Italian Chocolate Sponge cake.

Weber's Bakery on West Archer in Garfield Ridge is where you can find awesome chocolate cake. You may have to wait in line for a little while depending on when you come but it is well worth it. You can even get chocolate pound cake there. Call ahead to make sure your favorites are still there.

The Sugar Syndicate can also help you eat cake - chocolate cake! Mini cupcakes to extremely rich chocolate cake is yours for the choosing.

So, on Tuesday don't let anything get in your way. Enjoy your chocolate cake like no one is looking. You might even chose a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Hey, it's ok because you are celebrating.

Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

Picture Credit: Flickr


2 comments to National Chocolate Cake Day

  1. Jon - The DC Traveler
    January 27th, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    One of my favorite bakeries in Chicago, growing up as a kid is Lutz’s cafe and Bakery at 2458 W. Montrose Ave.

    Great old world European delights, especialy their chocolate marzipan cake.

  2. grapeshot
    February 7th, 2009 at 10:48 am

    When I drive through Chicago I always take the time to swing over to drive along Lakeshore Drive. The combination of beautiful Lake Michigan on the one side with the city’s tall buildings on the other side never fails to move me. I think it’s worth the detour, and looks magnificent in any season.

    If I’m heading south, the road swings past the beautiful Museum of Natural History, which is another sight the lifts my heart. If I’m heading North, then I always look for Soldiers Field, with its quirky, futuristic, space-ship-that-crash-landed architecture, which always makes me grin with delight.

    I think Lakeshore Drive is one of the under-rated secrets of Chicago. It’s not that no one knows about it, but that it seems to be taken for granted.

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