Let me start off defending the article title. I am aware that there is such a thing as decaf coffee. However, when I began writing this article at 6:30am after pulling an all nighter, decaf was the furthest thing from my mind.

Without further ado.

Coffee Fest Chicago

Coffee Fest will be celebrating their 13th year of honoring coffee in cities such as Chicago, Portland and NYC (early 2016). Atlanta already had their fest. It originated in Seattle back in 1992. No surprise there since Seattle is somewhat of a mecca for coffee in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. Rightfully so– I have spent a decent amount of time in the Pacific Northwest and the coffee runs as deeply as the craft brews. Chicago is surely making its mark in the scene though, which is why Coffee Fest is so fitting in the city.

Much as automotive shows allow the industry to display their newest designs and breakthrough technology– Coffee Fest provides the same type of venue for coffee and everything related to it. It is aimed specifically towards the people involved with retailing coffee, tea and products related to them. Anything that you find in a coffee shop, or necessary at home tools, will be making their appearance here. This is the place where standards are set and trends are created.

For the coffee aficionados that are looking to learn even more– Coffee Fest is full of knowledge. You will be able to further your skills in the retail side of coffee if you are looking to make a living off of the bean. If you are more into the technical side of flavor and presentation, there will be training and workshops that you can attend. They also have The International Academy of Specialty Coffee (IASC) program to gain certification and ultimate knowledge. Just imagine being able to lay down any design in that froth!

Speaking of froth, Coffee Fest tends to get a little competitive. One of their most eye catching contests is the Latte Art competition. With 64 competitors it is large enough to be called the Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open. The competition takes the form of head-to-head battles, with the winner advancing to the next round. It’s like that Yo Momma show that used to be on MTV. Actually– please forget that I brought that up; we are all trying to erase that show from our memory. If you are thinking about competing for the title (and the legit trophies they give out), then take these 5 judging points into consideration as you practice:

1) Aesthetic Beauty
2) Definition
3) Color Infusion
4) Degree of Difficulty & Creativity
5) Speed

Got it? Good.

The final 2 competitions take the form of Best Coffeehouse and Best Espresso.

Not only does Coffee Fest provide a plethora of knowledge, but it also serves as a great marketplace to purchase all of your coffee needs and wants. Branch out, try something new– that is one of the reasons this fest exists!

I’m not sure if the people that deal in coffee are so hyped up because they absolutely love what they are doing with their lives or if they are just indulging in a permanent caffeine high– regardless, their moods are contagious.

Find out all of the details at Coffee Fest’s Website.


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