With our lives seamlessly integrating with technology, it comes to no surprise that there are apps tailored to all forms of lifestyles. With Chicago being so diverse, certain apps can give you valuable insight into the city.


312Go is your no-strings-attached personal tour guide to Chicagoland. Driving, walking, biking or running– this will compliment it all.

It is packed with history and interesting facts of buildings and locations in general. It is GPS driven, which means that it tells your about the area that you are in, the building that is right next to you.
With designated route, you are free to explore.

Best Parking

If you frequent driving your own vehicle over transit and taxis, then Best Parking is essential for your bank account. This app scans the area for parking prices and pops them up on your screen. You’d be surprised how much cheaper parking can be just a block away.

CSN Chicago Sports

The essential download for all Chicago sports fans. News, highlights, updates, photos and feeds. Can’t be at the game? Whip out your phone.


If you are an avid Divvy rider, or thought it would be too complicated to find stations– there is an app to make like easier. Cyclefinder shows all of the Divvy locations around Chicago. It also give you a status update on how many bikes are available, as well as how many open docks are available to return your Divvy.

Drink Specials: Chicago

This app answers one of the most important questions on any given day– “where are all the drink specials tonight?”

With a full library of venues, you can pull up your favorite stops or see what is nearby. They have drink specials broken down by day.

Festival Finder

Do you like to get out an enjoy your city? Perfect. Download this app ASAP. Festival Finder compiles all of the festivals going on the city. Food, music, alcohol, doesn’t matter– if it has the word festival they have it covered.


Foodlander is a genius, in the fact that it marks out all of the Chicago farmers markets. Find out what is nearby and even what products available. On top of that, some vendors will actually give you a discount for using this app!


If you don’t already have this downloaded on your phone, then I’m not quite sure what you have been doing all winter. Grubhub makes it ridiculously easy to order pick-up and delivery from restaurants around you. Want a milkshake at 1am? I’m sure that can be arranged.


OpenTable is a direct line to restaurants around the city. They make it easy to reserve a table at those high-end restaurants, or even just a popular one during the dinner rush. It will give you the real-time availability of seating as well; therefore, you can justify if the wait will kill you or not.


Do you want to get the most out of summer this year? Outdoorsy maps out all of the locations around Chicagoland that have outdoor seating– whether that be rooftop, patio or sidewalk.


This is a must if you ride the L frequently. I know, the CTA has their own app, but this is just simple and straight to the point. You can save your favorite locations, as well as let it pull your nearest location to give you the estimated time of arrival for the trains.

It seriously comes in handy.


Uber makes getting around easy– especially with large groups. This app allows you to order up a taxi to your destination with a couple easy clicks. You can also order high-end transportation and SUVs if required. Your payment method is saved to your account, which means that when you are dropped off you can be on your way. They automatically charge and send you a receipt to your email.
Convenience at its finest.


The Facebook of beer. Untappd revolves around drinking beer, places that serve beer and then rating said beer. You can search for bars near you, see what the most popular drink is and even who is drinking what around you.

This app makes it feel like you are never drinking alone.


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