26 Unexpected Foods For Grilling Other Than Burgers

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I most certainly would not consider myself to be a master when it comes to grilling– but I do know a thing or two about cooking in the kitchen. This easily translates to cooking on the grill. Essentially everything that you can fry or bake can also be grilled– even things you never thought to cook can be phenomenal over a flame. Fruit for example.

It seems like more times than not, I show up to a barbecue with friends and they have the standard burgers and hot dogs, while I have a plethora of other foods to toss on the grill as well. I get the look of, “hey, I never even thought about grilling that.”
Step outside the staples and get inventive with your grilling this season.

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Unique Grilling Ideas :



You are used to busting out hamburger for grilling anyways– may as well season it up and change up the shape from traditional burgers.

grilled meatballs

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Kabobs are phenomenal for the fact that you can use a variety of meat and mix in fruit and vegetables.

grilling chicken kabobs

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Brick oven pizza provides some of the best tastes around. Your grill can mimic that flavor and provide a variety of toppings.

grilling pizza

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This delicacy doesn’t have to be reserved for the kitchen. The fire and smoke really adds an entirely new level to the lobster.

lobster tails on the grill

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That is right– clams on the grill will be like nothing else you have ever indulged in.

grilling clams

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From standard sandwiches to dessert sandwiches, the possibilities are really endless here.

Grilled sandwiches

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This is perfect for all the non-meat eaters out there. It takes some prep-work, but the taste can be mind blowing.

Grilled tofu with salsa verde

Cathy Arkle / Flickr / Creative Commons



These are always good, no matter how you make them– but on the grill surpasses any other style out there.

grilled quesadilla and corn on the cob

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The meat-lovers go to will have a new level of crispness and the added smoke flavor to it.

bacon on the grill

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Garlic Bread


This perfect side is simple to make and bread toasted on the grill provides the most flavor.

garlic bread on the grill

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French Toast


Having a kegs and eggs day? Step it up a notch by making french toast on the grill.

french toast and bacon on the grill

rpavich / Flickr / Creative Commons



Asparagus should be a staple dish for any griller. It accents meat perfectly and is super easy to make.

grilling asparagus and brats

Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr / Creative Commons

Stuffed Peppers


This can be served as a side or an entree. The pepper serves as the perfect container for many ingredients. Add sausage and cheese for the ultimate dish.

Grilling Stuffed Pepper

Todd Page / Flickr / Creative Commons



Grilled pineapple can be dessert all in itself. Add some honey and grill it up for just the right amount of sweetness.

grilled pineapple on grill

Robyn Lee / Flickr / Creative Commons



Potatoes can be made in many forms, but dicing them up with some seasoning will accent any entree.

grilled potatoes with rosemary

woodleywonderworks / Flickr / Creative Commons

Green Beans


Green beans that are fresh, not in a can, will explode with flavor once they hit the fire and smoke.

grilled green beans

Larry / Flickr / Creative Commons



Eggplant can replace burgers for a great sandwich, or serve them up as a side.

eggplant on the grill

woodleywonderworks / Flickr / Creative Commons



Just like pineapple, this is one that you may not think to throw on the grill. To completely change all your thoughts on the juicy treat, toss it on the grill.

grilled watermelon

Beatrice A / Flickr / Creative Commons



When prepped right, with cinnamon, grilled apples is another dessert that will wow everyone.

grilled apples

Jen (Riley) Lee / Flickr / Creative Commons



Pealed or whole, artichoke is the perfect appetizer to get everyone’s pallet going.

grilling artichoke

Santi / Flickr / Creative Commons



Grilled avocado can stand on its own, or slice it up and use it on a sandwich.

grilled avocado

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Corn, especially on the cob, is a standard grilling side. Cheap to buy, easy to cook.

grilled corn

Dayna McIsaac / Flickr / Creative Commons

Romaine Lettuce


Grilled lettuce is one of the most appetizing foods that you can eat on a hot day. Season and sauce the lettuce then flame-broil it.

grilled romaine lettuce

Jodimichelle / Flickr / Creative Commons



Zucchini is another dish that is great to mix with potatoes. The soft texture and the ability to soak up seasoning well creates the ultimate side.

grilling zucchini

Breville USA / Flickr / Creative Commons

Pound Cake


Dessert doesn’t have to be reserved for store bought cookies. Cook dessert fresh on the grill then soak up some sun.

grilled pound cake sundae

Robin Zebrowski / Flickr / Creative Commons

Ice Cream


Yes, you can in-fact grill ice cream if you prep it correctly. This recipe even tosses in Snickers to satisfying even the ultimate of sweet tooths.

grilled ice cream

Instructables / Fair Use

To make these taste even better, head to one of the
Chicago Farmers Markets
to purchase all of the ingredients possible.

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