Coffee is the equivalent to an adrenaline shot for the eyes and more importantly, mind. Chicago is a hard working community and some days that need for a little extra boost is more than others. After really digging into the coffee shops Chicago has, you will realize that they are not just for the quick in and out service to get your day going. Some shops provide an all around experience that will make you want to hangout for awhile.

Bridgeport Coffee Company
Bridgeport Coffee Company is not just your run of the mill coffee shop; their roots are in roast and retail. They are your direct connection to coffee growers. They pride themselves in the community that they originated from, their quality control and in-house creations, and above all they pride themselves in satisfying each and every coffee connoisseur that walks through their doors.

The Coffee Studio
The Coffee Studio provides a setting that most people would love to recreate in their living room. Wood is heavily used in the decor, but with a touch of modern design in the counter and seating areas provide for a comforting setting that is pleasant to look at. Their coffee is more on the aggressive side; you either need to like your coffee bold or add some milk.

Caffe’ Streets
Caffe’ Streets has gone above and beyond to find out what makes that perfect cup of coffee so special. They have galavanted the world in search of what draws people into certain coffee shops. They returned to Chicago with all of that knowledge and bestowed it into one cozy location. Their pastries are said to melt in your mouth and their coffee will warm your heart. The decor alone is enough of a reason to check out this location.

Star Lounge Coffee Bar
Star Lounge Coffee Bar gives you the atmosphere of going into your favorite dive bar, but you won’t feel guilty when walking in for a drink before work. The long wooden bar and simple decor gives it a very welcoming feeling. Many of their amazing coffee creations begin at the bean. In the upstairs of their building they create their own roasts; this allows for a continually rotating variety of coffee flavors to compliment their permanent drinks.

The Wormhole
Stepping through the doors of The Wormhole is what I would imagine it would be like to, well, step through a wormhole. Once you look past everyone on their fancy new devices, your eyes will feast upon movie and video game memorabilia from the 1980’s; the Back To The Future Delorean and Nintendo in the back adds to the feel. Once you get past the fact that you are surrounded by ‘awesomeness’, you can step up to the bar and finally place your order [nothing will disappoint].

Intelligentsia Coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee has humble beginnings and has been able to use its expertise of coffee to branch out to many locations throughout the city as well as in different states. Stopping by each and every one of their seven locations is recommended. Each shop has its own unique atmosphere and the design of each one is worth relaxing in. They work directly with their growers to create beans that are unique and exclusive to Intelligentsia. Stop by, grab a bit to each and order a sampler tray of coffee to get the most out of your visit.

Asado Coffee Co.
Asado Coffee Co. is not the average coffee shop that you are use to today. The menu may only feature eight items some days; this is do to them roasting all of their beans in limited quantities to guarantee the freshest coffee possible. They used ceramic drippers to create each cup of coffee; you will be able to see why this style is so special as soon as it hits your lips.

Ipsento provides a nice relaxing atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. Their signature drink cocktails [no alcohol involved] is what keep bringing patrons back. Their signature drink, the Ipsento, is a concoction of coconut milk, espresso, honey, cayenne and splashed with the milk product of your choice [almond or traditional milk]. Another favorite is made with Nutella, enough said.

Sip Coffee House
Sip Coffee House is a great environment year around, but in the summer is when it truly reigns. The indoor seating a comfortable and unique with a loft area, but when the weather warms up they offer two lush courtyard areas to enjoy your brew in a green surrounding. They serve exclusively local Intelligentsia Coffee, so you know each cup will be satisfactory.

Julius Meinl
Julius Meinl takes gourmet coffee to an entirely new level. Their passion and focus is on their exquisite coffee creations and they way they are presented; silver platters, bowls for additives and a cookie accompany each cup. The environment is that of walking in a restaurant in Vienna. They offer an extensive menu that will make you want to try one [or two] of everything. If you are looking to make an event out of a good cup of coffee, Julius Meinl is worthy sitting down at.


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