If you’ve got a taste for raw fish and the many ways it can be prepared, you may be interested to know which the top sushi places in Chicago are. Each has its own unique décor and personality. They’re about as different from each other as night from day, but Sushi lovers will appreciate the variety of styles, flavors and menu items.

#1 Agami
Have you ever had a spicy tuna “rice crispy?” Now, you can at the hip and swanky Agami restaurant. Decked with a contemporary crimson leather interior, you’ll not only love the atmosphere. You’ll love the food, too.

# 2 Arami
This atrium-style restaurant looks like it’s been designed to be econ-friendly. Whether it is or not, divers are more impressed by the sushi. You can enjoy braised short ribs with pickled Asian pear. By the way, you may also want to ask about the “secret hashimi.”

#3 Blue Ocean
This sushi joint is located in a strip mall. You probably never would have known it was there. The good news, however, is that you get free parking. Plus, Tuesday is all-you-can-eat sushi for just $39.99 a person. Check it out here.

#4 Coast Sushi Bar
If you want an atmosphere that’s more intimate, Coast Sushi’s low-light settings offer a relaxed feel. Enjoy sushi and the recommended White Dragon dish that comes with shrimp tempura.

#5 Katsu
Katsu offers a more traditional dining experience within a brick building. However, it offers spectacular service and delectable tempura beef rolls.

#6 Makisu Sushi Lounge and Grill
This place is located at Stokie shopping plaza. Plus, there’s another one located in Wicker Park. The Jalapeno-topped Spicy tuna is highly recommended.

#7 Rice Sushi & Sake Lounge
Now, this is probably what a more traditional sushi bar feels like with minimalist contemporary décor and quite a menu array. Sushi, kitchen grill, udon noodles and even pad Thai. You can order sake. You can order a martini. Or, you can have both.

#8 Sai Café
This place is crowded and located in upbeat Lincoln Park. What’s the draw? Apparently, the Volcano Maki and secret sauce.

#9 Sushi Samba Rio
Are you in Brazil or Japan or both? The South American/Japanese décor offers a swanky, somewhat of a bright nightclub feel to a restaurant that serves the finest sushi with Peruvian corn. Visit their website for more info.

#10 Wildfish
This sushi joint has more of a lounge feel: swanky, low key, a tad retro. Want unbelievable maki sushi? Try the Scary Spider, a dish with maki and black and white rice on a soft crab shell.

Spilt for choice? Absolutely. The best way to try the top ten Sushi restaurants in Chicago is by starting with one then trying out the rest.


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