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"Top Chef: Chicago" Bears the Elements

by Matt B on April 14th, 2008

This season of the Bravo Network’s Top Chef was filmed here in Chicago, exposing competing chefs from all over the country to all the culinary treats the Windy City has to offer.

blindfoldThis week’s Quickfire challenge tested the chefs’ palates by a series of 15 comparisons. Each chef was blindfolded and tasted two variations of the same food: one of a high-priced fine quality, the other of a lesser value.

Whether you’re looking for a refined, elegant meal or just some cheap eats, Chicago’s got something for you. The list of restaurants on the left provides stylish culinary experiences, while the examples on the right give you great flavors for small prices.

In the Elimination Challenge, the chefs were randomly split into four groups of three. Each group was assigned one of the classical elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) and had to create a first-course meal based on that element for 80 people of Chicago’s Celebrity Chef Meals on Wheels Fundraiser, held at the old Marshall Field Building.

meals on wheels chicago celebrity chef ballMeals on Wheels delivers meals to individuals at home, many of which are elderly or handicapped and are unable to prepare their own meals. Here in the Windy City, Meals on Wheels Chicago works in partnership with the Chicago Department of Senior Services and the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities “to ensure homebound senior citizens and disabled Chicagoans maintain dignified and independent lifestyles by providing them with warm nutritious meals and related services.” Since 1987, the program has provided approximately 10 million meals. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause or if you know someone who is in need of these services, call 312-744-2120 or visit http://www.mealsonwheelschicago.org/

marshall field's macy's clockThe Marshall Field & Co. building on State Street is over 100 years old and is an incredible piece of Chicago’s history. However, in 2005, it was acquired by Macy’s Inc., who changed the store’s appearance and name. You can read more about the famous department store and its surrounding controversy in my blog entry, The Great Clocks.

Photo credit: HelenaN, kisokiso, Atelier Teee

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