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Chicago’s Top Chef

by Matt B on June 23rd, 2007

Dale Levitski, a self-taught chef and consultant, has had his fair share of challenges, working in several Chicago restaurants and eateries, including Stone Lotus. But he’s never faced the kind of stress he’s got now as a contestant on the third season of “Top Chef.”

This reality competition show pits 15 chefs from all over the country with different backgrounds and styles against each other in weekly challenges. Every week, a panel of professional chefs and food-scene celebrities judge the contestants’ performances and eliminate (at least) one of them. The one winning chef receives $100,000 to help start his/her culinary career and is featured in “Food & Wine” magazine. New episodes are on Wednesday nights on the Bravo cable network but are re-aired often throughout the week.

Unfortunately, Dale’s “Mustard-Seared Alligator Tail with Monkfish Liver Hash” was among the worst dishes in the very first episode, but in his defense, he wasn’t familiar with either of the protein ingredients (alligator and monkfish) that he was left with. However, he did much better in the next elimination challenge (a barbecue theme) with “Grilled Sirloin with Grilled Spring Salad with Two Sauces.” Here’s hoping this Chicagoan is well on his way to winning a challenge and then the competition.

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