Filmmakers looking for an interesting setting for their television or film have long been drawn to the Second City; with a rich history, dynamic setting, and a famously cosmopolitan culture, Chicago has strong cinematic appeal across a variety of genres. Over the years dozens of programs have taken place here, giving Chicago an even greater cultural legacy.

#1 The Untouchables
Both the 1959 series and the 1993 series remake, tells the story of prohibition agent Eliot Ness and his team of federal agents working to bring down Al Capone during depression-era Chicago.

#2 Prison Break
Prison Break uses Chicago as the backdrop for its Great-Escape-meets-Fugitive style storytelling. Chicagoans will notice on site shooting happens in Chicago, Joliet, and Woodstock throughout the four seasons of television.

#3 ER
ER, which catapulted George Clooney to stardom through his role as Dr. Doug Ross. ER ran from 1994 to 2009, and remains the most-nominated television drama in history ‘ not that ER went uncontested, however.

#4 Chicago Hope
Chicago Hope was another medical drama centered in a downtown Chicago Hospital. While it was expected to handily defeat ER in the ratings initially, its respectable six-year run from 1994’2000 was overshadowed by the ER phenomenon.

#5 Webster
Webster was an entertaining family sitcom, with Chicago as the family’s “hometown” a classic.

#6 The Hogan Family
Another family show, with Chicago as the setting.

#7 Married’With Children
Married…with Children were all set in Chicago (though Married With Children’s suburb was fictional) and of course it’s hard to forget the Chicago flyby shots of the intro.

#8 Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers, about two long lost relatives, based in Chicago. Remember Balki?

#9 Family Matters
Family Matters, a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, a family based comedy.

#10 Boss
Boss, staring Kelsey Grammar as Chicago’s hard-nosed mayor. While there’s no short supply of great television, why not watch something with one of the world’s greatest cities as a backdrop?


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