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Hotels Offer Special Treatment

by Matt B on October 25th, 2008

The current economy may not support lavish travel, but that doesn't mean you can't get special treatment. Guests at the Fairmont Hotel can be treated like royalty and customize their own gourmet ice cream.

ice creamMade with all-natural ingredients, the decadent dessert is made overnight and can satisfy your unique cravings. So, if you want guacamole-flavored ice cream, the chef can whip up the perfect recipe for you.

This service, which premiered in June of last year, is available daily. For less than $20, you can enjoy a pint of your own signature ice cream, designed exclusively by you for you.

From one luxurious hotel to another, the Four Seasons Hotel offers a package for ladies who want to experience a perfect night out.

martiniThe 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' package includes a visit from the Martini Man, who offers a complimentary beverage for each guest. From the classic cosmo to the chocolate martini, women can enjoy this luxury as a personal touch when visiting the hotel.

This package also offers a complimentary dessert, a free makeover at Bloomingdales, an exclusive gift, and special savings and discounts at local boutiques and premier retailers on the Magnificent Mile.

These hotel services help travelers feel as comfortable as possible. After all, what's the point of a vacation if you don't spoil yourself just a little bit?

Photo credit: (c/o SXC) Vicky S, Christy Thompson

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