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Easy Access Chicago

by Matt B on April 18th, 2008

Disabled people and their families face several obstacles when traveling. How do you know what restaurants, tourist attractions, and buildings accommodate special needs? Open Doors is a non-profit organization that is hoping to answer that question and more.

easy access chicagoEric Lipp, the executive director at Open Doors, worked for a year and a half in the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities to create Easy Access Chicago. Several people with disabilities visited some of the city's most popular attractions to see just how accessible they really were. The guide features lists of destinations for residents and visitors alike and offers specific details to help simplify travel to Chicago and the surrounding area. For example, readers can find out the bed height at an exact hotel or whether a museum offers elevators or ramps.

Residents can even find out how to obtain their handicapped parking permits/placards. There's also information about public transportation, veterinarians who specialize in service animals (e.g., guide dogs), properly equipped taxis, and airport transportation. Restaurants, zoos, nightclubs, museums, attractions, hotels, shopping centers, theatres, tours' it's all in this booklet, the city's first-ever resource guide for travelers with disabilities and their families.

Best of all, it's free! You can order a print copy from the Illinois Bureau of Tourism by visiting www.enjoyillinois.com/brochures or by calling 1-800-2CONNECT (1-800-226-6632) or 1-800-406-6418 TTY. You can also download the PDF at easyaccesschicago.org.

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