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Let TVTrip Be Your Video Guide

by Matt B on June 7th, 2008

Hotels in Chicago and everywhere else in the world have websites full of fantastic photos. From the bedrooms to the lobby, you can find beautiful pictures showing the location in superb condition. However, sometimes there aren't enough photos. (What does the bathroom look like? Or the view from the window? Or the building's front door for that matter?) Sometimes, the photos have been touched up or only show the rooms' 'good side.' It's time to bring in the help of a third party.

tvtripTVTrip.com provides useful videos of several hotels' rooms, lobbies, and outside areas. These scenes in motion offer a good look at the properties from every angle, not just the ones edited by the businesses' PR departments. It's the next best thing to being there. If you like what you can see, you can book the room with just a few clicks.

The site currently offers videos of dozens of hotels in several European cities and quite a few U.S. destinations, including Chicago. Launched in May of 2007, TVTrip.com continues to expand, always adding more hotels from cities around the world. You can filter your hotel search by price, rating, style, and/or amenities, so you can find the place that is perfect for you. Finally, if you want to share your findings with some of your international friends, the website is available in German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

TVTrip.com offers travelers a way of seeing their hotel and its surroundings before they book their stay. Check out your room before you check in.

Photo credit: TVTrip.com



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