Going above and beyond to see sights is not necessarily just a figure of speech. Actually lifting off of the ground to experience aerial sightseeing Chicago, whether that be via hot air balloon or a helicopter– it will put the scale of Chicago into an entirely new perspective.

Chicago helicopter tours are best if you want to actually tour the city, while Chicago hot air balloon tours are best to see the outskirts and the countryside. Whichever you choose, your jaw is sure to drop.


Where to go for Aerial Sightseeing Chicago


Hot Air Balloons Chicago

There is something whimsical about hot air balloons. The ability to be above your surroundings without moving at a highway speed or greater really allows you to relax. With the roar of a fire above you, and the beauty of your surroundings engulfing you– you can slow down a little and take in a 360º view. There are multiple options for ballon rides, the most common being private and shared.

Shared is just as it sounds– 2-8 people (+ the pilot) will be in the basket while you float above. This is great for small groups and families.

The private option reserves the entire basket for just you and a special someone (+the pilot). Many rides last for around one hour and are weather dependent.

Chicago Hot Air Balloon Businesses
Name Website Location Telephone
Balloon Rides Chicago balloonrideschicago.com Multiple Locations (312) 702-1917
Nostalgia Ballooning nostalgiaballooning.com 21250 Kepwick Ln. Kildeer. IL 60047 (847) 212-5628
Cloud 9 Living cloud9living.com Hampshire. IL (1-866) 525-6839


Chicago Helicopter Tours

Chicago water tours may be the best way to view the city from ground level, but a helicopter tour may be the ultimate way to view Chicagoland. If you are into photography in any which way or form, then this is for you. Step up your Instagram game or add to your professional portfolio. A flight over and around many of the most monumental Chicago landmarks can give you a whole new appreciation for the concrete jungle.

Most tours last around one hour from start to finish– not all is in the air. Private flights can be arranged, otherwise expect to be with others since many helicopters can hold 6-8 people.

Chicago Helicopter Tour Businesses
Name Website Location Telephone
Chicago Helicopter Experience chetours.com 2420 S Halsted St. Chicago. IL 60608 (855) 414-8687
Rotor Zen rotorzen.com 6150 S Laramie Ave. Chicago. IL 60638 (708) 924-9277
Chicago Sky Helicopter Ride chicagoil.skyhelicopterride.com West Chicago. IL (630) 876-8805

Aerial sightseeing Chicago’s vast landscape will truly take your breath away. Rather than committing to public transportation and your feet constantly– allow yourself to refresh and reinvigorate your love for the best city in the U.S. of A : known as Chicago, of course.


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