While eating out and exploring the extensive amounts of phenomenal restaurants in Chicago is insanely enjoyable– there is perhaps a better way to try new cuisine; cook it for yourself. There are a good amount of options for cooking classes in Chicago. They range from barbecue, to vegan, desserts and ethnic styles of cooking as well.

Cooking is an art-form in and of itself. Tapping into this talent may surprise you on how much you enjoy it. I’ve been cooking since I was a wee lad and it continues to be one of my favorite past times. Plus, the more time I spend in my own kitchen, the more of a treat and experience it is to dine out. On top of all that, cooking at home can be much more affordable, healthy and the most appetizing (since you can cook precisely what you are craving).

Once you get the hang of it, you may find that not much is more satisfying than cooking for your significant other, friends or family.

Below you will find some of the best cooking classes that Chicago has to offer.

Cooking Classes in Chicago

Backyard Barbecue Store

They specialize in turning people into Grill Masters. You can choose to take on gas or charcoal grilling techniques, or go for both. Be the go-to person when summer hits while you and your friends are hanging out in the parks or at the beach.

Binny’s Beverage Depot

If you already know how to cook, then step up your alcohol game with Binny’s Wine, beer and spirits seminars. Sometimes the beverages served with a meal are just as important, if not more, than the food itself.

Cardamom Kitchen

They show you around south Indian cuisine. Learn all about it with tours of Devon Avenue and in-home classes. These dishes are typically rice based, with additions of lentils, chillies, fruits, vegetables and more. Coconut and ginger is also prevalent throughout, with the main difference between the different regions of south Indian cooking being the spices.

Chopping Block

This is an all-around stop if you are wanting to take a cooking class in Chicago – or twenty. They also offer demonstrations if you are more visual and don’t require hands-on. But, they go deep into the cooking realm with classes covering basics, seasonal, date night cooking, healthy eating, kids classes and even wine classes.

Cook Au Vin

You can learn to master entire meals with their BYOB culinary course, or take up their bread making and pastry creation courses if you are looking to expand into side dishes. They also offer courses for kids, private sessions and work gatherings.

Cooking Fools

They offer a wide range of classes that vary. While their pasta class has obtained many dates– things like sushi, tamales, dumplings and more are sporadic. Be sure to stay up to date by visiting their website frequently.
They also host corporate cooking classes and private group sessions.

Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop

While Dirk’s may have free demonstrations on Saturdays (noon-3pm), their seafood classes are held twice a month and includes a BYOB dinner. Cooking seafood at home is much more affordable than going out to eat it all the time.

Eli’s Cheesecake World

This is the place to go to hone in your sweets skills. On their agenda are cheesecakes, cookies, brownies and holiday baking. This class is dangerous in the best of ways (if you have a sweet tooth as aggressive as mine).

Give Me Some Sugar

They dive deep into the realm of cake and cake accessories, such as cupcakes and cake balls. But, they do also offer classes in making donuts, pastries and candies.

Green Spirit

If you are wanting to switch over or at least begin incorporating a plant based diet into your life– Green Spirit is your choice for vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Chicago.
This type of cooking will broaden your horizon when it comes to seasoning and how plants compliment each other by tenfold. Learn how to make healthy, delicious versions of comfort food!

La Scuola di Eataly

Everything that revolves around Italy can be learned here. Simple and classic Italian cuisine involve learning your way around the tastes of Tuscany and Sicily, while incorporating fresh gnocchi dishes, Neapolitan pizza and seasonal ingredient classes.
To fully round out your lessons, take a wine and beer tasting classes to compliment your dishes perfectly.

Laura Bruzas

Cooking appetizing cuisine doesn’t have to involve a copious amount of butter and cream, even if they have been culinary staples since the beginning of it all. This class will teach you how to create healthy food quickly, while utilizing local and organic ingredients.
Perfect for the people always on the go.

Mary’s Wholesome Living

Mary’s offers a unique genre when it comes to cooking classes in Chicago. These classes revolve around the techniques that encompass the canning, pickling, preservation and fermentation of food. On top of that, you can also learn how to make hearty whole grain bread– and not much can truly beat fresh bread.

Thai Cooking by Jeannie Lee

Thai cuisine is unique, yet quite simple. The noodles and the sauced really make the dishes and by attending this class you’ll be able to create dishes just a delicious as your favorite Thai restaurants in the comfort of your own home.


This vegan cooking (or gluten free cooking) class is unique in the fact that it takes place in your own home. What better way to learn the ways of plant based cooking than doing it in your own kitchen with your own utensils. This is perhaps the quickest way to find comfort in cooking new cuisine since you’re learning in your own domain.


Vyanjan is another great location to learn how to master vegetarian and vegan cooking. Their classes are held on a weekly basis and will forever change how you think about a plant based diet. There really is no reason not to explore this realm of cooking– you may be surprised by what can be accomplished.


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