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Weekend Stuff

by Matt B on January 10th, 2008

• Can you shake your booty to a Latin beat? Club 720 holds a weekly salsa competition where winners advance to the finals in the hopes of earning the $2500 cash prize. (runs through Feb 15)

• Those handsome Chicago calendar firemen will be hitting the town again, this time at Crobar. They’ll be signing autographs, posing for pictures (slightly more clothed this time), and even giving out kisses from a kissing booth. Have a favorite month? Vote for the handsomest hero as the men compete for the title of “Chicago’s Hottest Fireman.” Actor Daniel Sunjata of the FX show “Rescue Me” hosts the party. (Jan 11)

Chicago Afrobeat Project mixes traditional African beats with contemporary dance music, jazz, and funk. The group will be performing their vibrant music at the House of Blues. (Jan 11)

• Check out an exhibition of anti-car and pro-bicycle photography, sculpture, and paintings created by Chicago Critical Mass. This two-month celebration, entitled Autogeddon Revisited, features three art shows, an auto show protest, and a “punk-polka” concert. (runs through Feb 1)

• Every Friday and Saturday, the Music Box Theatre screens cult classics and film rarities as part of its Midnight Movies program. This weekend, moviegoers can enjoy Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, based on the late-night TV animated comedy. On Saturday, Clive Barker himself will attend the screening of Hellraiser. (Jan 11-12)

• Veteran members of the Wallenda Family, Ringling Bros, and Cirque du Soleil return to Lookingglass Productions for Hephaestus: A Greek Mythology Circus Tale. This must-see circus event retells the legend of the Greek god of fire on the high wire. (runs through February 24)

• You’ve never seen the Art Institute like this. Take part in the ‘Art Attack’ Scavenger Hunt, and hunt in teams of two for treasures throughout the museum. No prior knowledge about the museum or its contents is necessary. Price, which includes museum admission, is $25.50 per person. (Jan 12, 19)

• At the Handmade Market, you can personally connect with the makers of jewelry, clothing, handbags, journals, greeting cards, and more. Held inside the Empty Bottle, the bar starts serving at 12 noon, so feel free to browse for crafty gifts and accessories with drinks in hand. (Jan 12)

• In 1923, George Bernard Shaw wrote a Nobel Prize-winning dramatization of the life and work of Saint Joan. Playing at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the production features acclaimed Canadian actors Tara Rosling and Ben Carlson. (runs through Jan 20)

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