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Chicagoan Cocktails

by User ImageMatt B on May 9th, 2008

cocktailsYesterday began World Cocktail Week (May 8-13), established by The Museum of the American Cocktail, celebrating the history of the cocktail and the skill of the bartenders who mix them. This 'holiday' will be celebrated by several cities throughout the world, including Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Seattle, Washington D. C., and Chicago.

We here at the b5media Travel & Culture Channel are celebrating in our own way, presenting cocktails (both real and imaginary) that best represent our destination blogs. I did find a drink online called the 'Chicago Cocktail,' containing 2 ounces of brandy, 1 ounce of champagne, a dash of Angostura bitters, and a dash of Triple Sec. But I thought I'd create a few of my own potent concoctions.

  • Illinois Slammer
    • 1 oz small towns
    • 1 oz prairie
    • ' oz mid-sized cities
    • 1 dash of corn

Pour all ingredients over ice collected from the past winter's frost in a tall glass, stir, and serve.

  • Lake Michigan iced tea
    • 1 part Lake Shore Drive
    • 1 part Lincoln Park
    • 1 part Navy Pier
    • 1 part questionable seaweed
    • 29 parts public beach
    • Cola Pop

Just mix and enjoy.

  • Morning Martini
    • 2 ' oz traffic
    • 1 ' tsp more traffic
    • 1 favorite cuss word

In a paper cup half-filled with coffee, combine traffic and more traffic. Stir well. Strain until stressed. Garnish with favorite cuss word and/or several honks of the horn.

  • 'The Interstate'
    • 1 Stevenson
    • 1 Kennedy
    • 1 Eisenhower
    • 1 Dan Ryan
    • 1 Edens
    • Lots and lots of construction

Combine in a blender. Connoisseurs will still be able to tell the difference between all the ingredients. However, they may not be able to tell you anything about their namesakes.

  • Da Chicago-Style
    • 4 ' oz NO KETCHUP EVER
    • 1 ' oz celery salt
    • 2 dashes of Vienna
    • 2 Italian Beefs

Fill a deep dish glass with 8 inches of snow and add ingredients. Stir vigorously.

  • The Cubs Fan
    • 4 pitchers of Old Style
    • 100 years of hope

Serve in a plastic cup and surround with ivy.

  • Windy City Weather
    • ' parts Sunny
    • ' parts Cloudy
    • ' parts Rain
    • ' parts Snow
    • ' parts Humidity

This cocktail is anyone's guess. However, it must be refreshed and changed every 15 minutes. Also, if served above 30'F (1'C), it can also be called 'Springtime.'

Photo credit: Cayusa (c/o Flickr)

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