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Chicago Spire Is the Next Big Thing

by Matt B on June 2nd, 2008

chicago spireThe Sears Tower may no longer be officially considered the tallest building in the world, but that hasn't stopped Chicago from building and reaching higher. The Chicago Spire is a skyscraper currently under construction that, when completed in 2011, will be 2,000 feet tall (610 m) with 150 floors. It will be the second-tallest building in the world, the tallest free-standing structure in North America, and the tallest all-residential building on the planet.

chicago spireThe skyscraper is being constructed in Streeterville, just west of Navy Pier. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava imagined a smoke spiral coming from a campfire when he designed the tall, twisting spire. Each story rotates exactly 2.44 degrees from the one below it. The nearly 1200 condominiums inside range in price from $750,000 to $40 million.[1] The curved design will not only add strength to the structure but will also minimize wind forces. Perhaps most importantly though, the Chicago Spire will be a leader in 'green' engineering: recycled rainwater, river water used for cooling, ornithologically-sensitive glass to protect migratory birds, intelligent building and management systems, waste storage and recycling management, monitored outdoor air delivery, and 15 percent more efficient than energy regulations.[2]

Photo credit: (c/o Flickr) polomex

Chicago Spire: 400 N Lake Shore Dr
Public trans: Bus # 2, 29, 65, 66, 124

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