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Chicago May Have America’s Best Restroom

by Matt B on July 10th, 2008

My family would often joke that my grandmother didn't judge a restaurant by its food but rather by its restrooms. Well now, a cleaning supplies company is doing just that. Ten finalists have been announced in an Internet voting contest for 'America's Best Public Restroom.' Two are from Illinois: the restrooms at the Signature Lounge in the John Hancock and the bathrooms at Brio, a restaurant in Rockford.

bathroom viewThe women's restroom (sorry guys) at the Signature Lounge has quite possibly the best view any washroom could ask for. Over 90 floors up, the windows here offer a magnificent look at the city's skyline.

At Brio, the restrooms have custom-made mirrors, sinks, and doors, all to fit the theme. The women's washroom is Heaven; the men's washroom is Hell. Oh… there are far too many jokes that could be made here.

You can go online and see all ten finalists at www.bestrestroom.com. Pictures of each beautiful bathroom are available, and voting will be allowed through July 31. A winner will be announced in August and will receive a plaque of recognition and 'a coveted place on the America's Best Restroom 'Hall of Fame' section of the program's Web site.'

Photo credit (c/o Flickr) deadroxy

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