September 13, 2008

Chicago Links

Michael Nagrant has posted a long, thought-out list of 'Best's in Chicago at Serious Eats.

internetDo you want More cupcakes? The folks at MenuPages Blog and Chicago Bites sure do.

It's apple season! Drive-Thru recommends stocking up on delicious apple cider.

Much to everyone's surprise, the final Red Line slow zone repairs were completed about a month ahead of schedule, according to the CTA Tattler.

Time-Out Chicago reviews the latest episode of Project Runway.

The CTA is in big economic trouble. An editorial at the Chicago Tribune blames Governor Rod Blagojevich: after offering free rides to the city's veterans and elderly, he cut the state funding that the CTA was hoping to fall back on.

The GB Book Club selects their book of the month: Dirty Sugar Cookies, an amusing autobiography on how a picky eater slowly perfected her relationship with food.

At Centerstage, Misty discovers one of Mexico's greatest comfort foods: pazole. (She says it's good for hangovers too, but most Mexicans swear on menudo as the best cure.)

Check out the latest Blogger of the Week, John Schroeder, and his blog, Photoentropy.

Photo credit: (c/o SXC) Ben Lancaster

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