I Drank Malort, Iodine and Lake Michigan Water Together

Jeppson's Malort Bottle in Grandview Tavern ChicagoI’ve been traveling outside of Chicago quite a bit lately. That is precisely why I felt the need to tap back into the city a little when I returned from my hiatus in December.
I’m that guy that orders friends a shot of Malort if they’ve never had it before– heck, I even travel with a bottle sometimes so my non-Chicago friends can take down the bitter, wet sock taste that exudes from it.

At some point in my life, something snapped and caused me to enjoy Malort. Sometimes I still gag a little bit at the aftertaste, sometimes it goes down like candy.
Right before my last trip to the mountains ended, I snagged a handheld water purifier. I was stoked to try it out and had no patience to wait until my next trip westward, which is why I sought out some of the dirtiest liquids around to drink in Chicago…
It was originally going to involve Chicago River water mixed with Malort, but..
A) The river is too far down to reach where it isn’t gated.
B) I didn’t want Giardia or worse.

If you aren’t familiar with this Gypsy liquid– give our Malort overview a quick glance:
Malort Liquor – Chicago’s Inside Joke

***The Chicago Traveler does not recommend anyone else trying this cocktail and will not be held responsible for anyone being as immature as Ross is..

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Ross Perkins

Ross Perkins is the Executive Editor & a connoisseur of all things enjoyable– at least in his mind. He is an avid traveler in the name of inspiring sights, music, food & cars. He is a published photographer & writer that is looking for any reason to get out and explore his surroundings.

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