Sometimes traditional bars and clubs can begin to feel too normal of a setting. Change up your scene and add a little bit of friendly competition by spending some time at one of the premiere venues for bowling Chicago offers. The majority of them have great beer selections, a full bar, and food menus ranging from bar food to upscale dining.

Of course, you do not need to drink to enjoy the experience; bowling is a great activity for entire families!

Venues For Bowling Chicago

10 Pin Bowling Lounge

10 Pin Bowling Lounge is a modern attitude paired with a vintage sport. The facility is large and they utilize the space wisely. A full service bar and kitchen serve the lanes to turn bowling into an all around experience. Large screens display music videos while the speakers set the beat to bowl too – it’s easy to moonwalk in bowling shoes. Neon lights, high-top tables, and plush couches finish off the modern touch, while their reasonable prices will keep you coming back.

Diversey River Bowling

Diversey River Bowling is the alley to go to for that traditional bowling feel. Their music and lighting system is very modern, with speakers that can push the music through you if desired. The rest of the facility is straightforward and delivers a quality bowling experience. The pizzeria located inside serves fantastic pizza, as well as a full menu – all of which is quite delightful. Their beer selection is quite extensive to accent their full bar.

Waveland Bowl

Waveland Bowl is a no-nonsense bowling alley. They have forty lanes, which makes them the largest venue for bowling Chicago contains. Their cosmic bowling definitely raises the level of bowling. As the lights go down, the music gets louder, the fog rolls in, and the light show begins. They have a decently sized menu -think bar meets cafe- that will keep you fueled for round after round.

Timber Lanes

Timber Lanes is probably like no other bowling alley that you have been too. They are the’quintessence of straightforward bowling based on the original principles. They only have eight lanes and if you decide to keep score that will have to be done manually. I know a lot of people have not picked up a pencil since college, but do not let that discourage you. They have a small bar, but no kitchen – fear not, they let you order delivery to the alley! Timber Lanes is the stop for a super friendly, laid-back atmosphere to throw a couple games.

Lincoln Square Lanes

Lincoln Square Lanes is the perfect venue if you are in the mood for a refreshing brew or cocktail first and bowling second. I am not saying that they are not a great bowling venue; I am saying that their bar to alley ratio is spot on. They are limited to eight lanes and manual score keeping – if you must wait for a lain to open, they have billiards, shuffleboard and pinball to kill the time. They have a well-stocked food menu and bar, as well as very reasonable pricing on everything they offer.

Seven Ten Lounge

Seven Ten Lounge is named appropriately. You do not feel rushed here or unwelcome – it is a place, for lack of a better word, to lounge and enjoy the company that you are with. Also only featuring eight vintage lanes, it is a smaller venue. In 2012 they renovated and sacrificed a portion of their establishment for the greater good of man – Atlas Brewing moved in next door. Their art deco style is complimented by craft brews and a tasty food menu.

Southport Lanes & Billiards

Southport Lane & Billiards is truly a unique bowling experience. The building and the lanes are old, not in a bad way – in a way that means it is full of rich history. A lot of alleys around Chicago do not have automatic score keepers, this is no different. They take it a step further and even have an attendant to manually reset the pins and toss your ball back to you. Games can take slightly longer here due to all the extra labor, but indulging in their beer selection, full bar and food menu will pass the time between throws.

Circle Lanes

Circle Lanes has been family owned and operated since 1941. They take pride in their nostalgic atmosphere, but unlike many lanes around Chicago they have decided to keep their facility up to date. It is a perfect combination of vintage feeling in a relaxed atmosphere, but all of the technology to keep the games progressing smoothly. They are equipped with a full bar as well as a hand-full of billiards tables to change up the atmosphere.


Pinstripes can easily be made into an all night event. On top of bowling they have a full restaurant that is quite gourmet. The lanes are very advanced and well kept – they even have automatic bumpers that raise for children and lower for adults. Comfy, plush couches welcome you to sink into them until it is your turn to bowl again. A full bar serves the lanes with a server making rounds to take orders. To add an extra touch to the venue, they offer’bocce ball. Pinstripes is a great place to enjoy a more upscale dinner with friends and family before a few games.

Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike combines a lively lounge atmosphere with the entertainment of bowling and billiards. They are located downtown, which makes the atmosphere feel very at home – especially when compared to ‘dive’ bowling alleys. The interior is very modern as far as lanes go. They use a lot of neon lights, but in a tasteful manner that does not distract. There are an ample amount of television screens if you are looking to catch sports – while a restaurant, full bar and wine bar are at your service to keep you satisfied.


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