Generally my beat around The Chicago Traveler is restaurants and the occasional concert. The evening started off normally enough at Old Town’s Pomp & Circumstance for an open house at the nearby IVme Hydration Clinic– drinking an Old Fashioned and snacking on sliders. That normalcy didn’t last long, though, soon after I was taken on a tour of IVme that ended up with an attractive woman giving me a Super Vitamin B shot in my butt.

IVme, Not Your Typical Doctor’s Office

Doctor’s offices are unpleasant places to be. You go in feeling like garbage, get poked and prodded, and they look as bad as you feel. Walking into IVme, it seems more like a nightclub. Everything is a clean white and bathed in cool lighting. When I was there, it had this purplish black light glow that was later changed over to a chill blue. There are flat screen TVs, a party room with a huge couch, and a young, hip staff that genuinely seemed passionate about what they do.

Hangovers, Performance, Hydration, and Wellness

There’s always some sort of trendy health fad going on, probably popularized by a celebrity, that’s increasingly ridiculous like a Coca-Cola colonic (I really hope that’s not actually thing). However, what IVme offers actually makes since.

When you go to a hospital and don’t feel well, they give you an IV that rehydrates you and perks you up. Dr. Jack Dybis and Dr. Scott Yilk, an experienced emergency room trauma surgeon and physician, saw the benefits of IV treatments and wanted to bring it to a wider audience since currently only doctors and nurses can administer IV treatments.

So who is this good for? IVme treats a variety of clientele– from people trying to get over a cold, weekend warriors needing to perk up before the work week, and athletes looking to up their performance. They have couples coming in together, celebrities who need a pick-me-up after lots of traveling, and even companies who bring their teams in after corporate parties. If you are looking for something more private, they do make house calls, too. Treatment lasts about an hour, during which you can relax, watch some TV, or take advantage of free Wi-Fi.

Besides IVs, oxygen treatment, and B12 shots, the professional staff at IVme has more treatments to help you look your best– from weight loss treatments to Botox injections.

How Much Does This Cost?

While the cast of Chicago P.D. were recently seen getting rehydrated at IVme, you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford IVme. You’ll still need some disposable cash on hand, but Old Town residents definitely aren’t worked about that. An IV treatment starts at $89 for the basic package and goes up from there depending on what you’re after. A Vitamin B12 shot is a lot more affordable at $25.

If you do plan on being a regular patient at IVme, they do offer memberships and discounts on treatments. Plus, think about how much it would cost to go to an emergency room to get the same treatment. You’re looking at a bill close to $1000 and hours sitting around a waiting room surrounded by all sorts of diseased individuals.

How I Feel After a Super Vitamin B12 Shot

Needles are generally something I try to avoid getting in contact with as much as possible, but getting a Super Vitamin B12 shot was no big deal. There was a small bit of coolness, and it was over in a second. I will say there was some soreness in the right cheek that lasted throughout the night; Dr. Yilk says the normal B12 shot doesn’t quite have the same sting.

In my head, I imagined it would be a little like this scene from Mad Men where most of the office gets a cocktail of vitamins, and probably speed, but there was no manic reaction. Dr. Yilk said it would take a day or two to kick in. The first day after the shot I definitely felt “dehydrated” from sipping on a few Old Fashioned cocktails the night before (could have used a trip back to IVme for sure). On the second day, I did feel more alert and focused at work. Plus, it does seem like I’ve have more uninterrupted sleep than I usually do. I’m very skeptical about this kind of thing, but it does seem to be working.

I’m told the shot lasts for about two weeks. Maybe when it’s over, I’ll be headed back for another one.


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