Chicago is known for its famous pizza creations; because of this there are extensive amounts of options. There really is no time to give to eating bad pizza when there are some many taste bud exploding options out there! Follow this list and you will experience some of the best of the best famous Chicago pizza that the city has to offer in 2014.

Vito and Nick’s
[or Nick and Vito’s]. Since 1932 this joint has been serving the Southside of Chicago. To many people in Chicago, this is the place to go for the best pizza in town. They are also said to be the originators of Chicago’s famed thin crust style pizza. Their pizza may just be a creation sent from above.

Pequod’s began growing its cult following in 1970. They are famed for their pan-crust pizza with caramelized edges. Since their opening, they have expanded to two locations [Morton Grove and Lincoln Park] to make their pizza more accessible to their patrons that moved away from their original location.

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria
Piece Brewery has not been around for as long as some places in Chicago, but what lands them on this list is two thing: pizza and fresh beer. They offer choices in crust style and some quite unique toppings as well. If going for the pizza is not enough, they create some of the best brews in the area.

Coalfire gets its name from the cooking method used for the pizzas. Their 800 degree oven is fueled by coal to cook each and every pizza to perfection. They put an American spin on classic Neapolitan style thin crust pizza. Crispy, slightly charred and bubbly is one of the greatest ways to describe a crust [believe it or not].

Gino’s East
Gino’s East is said to be the creator of the famous Chicago pizza style known as deep dish. In 1966 three buddies started making pizza together and it took off. Gino’s East Pizza is so sought after that you can actually ordered pizza to your door, no matter where you live! They have such a following that they make their pizzas up, freeze them and send them to wherever you may find yourself. That alone says something about their quality and taste!

Bartoli’s may not be the original deep dish pizza, but they have figured out the formula that it takes to make your mouth water. If lots of crust isn’t your preference, the thin crust recipe is something to indulge in as well. Wings, sandwiches and salads can accompany your pizza order, but a couple slices of their deep dish pizza is enough to fill any stomach.

Exchequer Pub
The Exchequer Pub is a great alternative to the traditional pizzerias. The pub atmosphere is covered in vintage memorabilia to further make it standout. It has a rich history behind it, but the main reason to stop in is definitely their deep dish pizza. Since 1969 they have been making their creations and they have been a favorite of the community ever since.

Chicago’s pizza scene is so diverse that Armitage stepped into the Chicago-Style sea and decided to offer East-Coast-Style pizza. Their thin crust pizza is in a class of its own. It is a great place to check out if you are craving something other than the traditional thin crust or deep-dish that you are accustomed to. If you are a native New Englander, you may have found home.

Pizano’s Pizza
Oprah put claim to this pizza when she said it was the best pizza in Chicago; that alone is almost enough of a challenge to go try it out for yourself. With multiple locations and an extensive Italian menu, they are able to serve much of the Chicago area. People seem torn between their thin crust and deep dish, so be sure to try out both of them to see what you prefer.

Atinos Pizza
Atinos Pizza is another aficionado that transplanted from the East Coast to Chicago. They are local to the South Loop and family owned. Atinos Pizza is the place for pizza that starts with New York tradition, but is never afraid to incorporate in the greatness of Chicago. Their menu is extensive, allowing you to feast on more than just pizza.


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