Choosing one of the many bike shops Chicago houses can be a tough ordeal. Many of times, people choose what is closest to them. In a pinch this can be a good solution. When you have some spare time, building a relationship with a reputable shop can change your biking world.

Chicago is serious when it comes to bike commuting; these shops are serious about helping everyone involved and making it even better.


Bike Shops Chicago:


Roscoe Village Bikes – Roscoe Village
Roscoe Village Bikes is a small neighborhood Chicago bike shop with big heart, and a lot of passion. Beginning at the young age of eight, bicycle repair has been an ever growing skill for one of the owners. They pride themselves in delivering nice bikes to nice people. Their customer service is a model example, and their service shop is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They would not consider themselves going out of their way, since it just is there way, but they will do whatever is necessary to assure that their patrons leave happy.. and are eager to return. From the recreational pedalers, to the competition racers – they have something for everyone.

2016 W Roscoe St
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 477-7550

Comrade Cycles – Ukrainian Village
Comrade Cycles is a local bike shop that is owned and run by local riders. Passion flows through their veins like the air that flows through your tires. They are equipped and skilled enough to handle everything from your dumpster-find, to your race-bike that costs more than a lot of people’s cars. They aim to go above and beyond what their patrons expect of them. Their customer service is top notch, their prices are reasonable, and they are just all around stoked to work on bikes and speak with like-minded people. Whether you need a tire repaired, full tuneup, or an entirely new unit – Comrade Cycles will take care of you.

1908 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 292-2522

Uptown Bikes – Uptown
Uptown Bikes specializes in the urban cycling commuter – because that is precisely what they are. They have been serving the North Side since 2004, and they have been getting better and better with each passing year. Their service shop can tackle basically every repair that you will ever need – it will be done in a timely manner at a great price. Bike sales are another part of their expertise. If you cannot find quite what you are looking for on their racks, they will happily custom build you the bike that fits all of your needs. They offer basic maintenance classes each month, and I encourage you to check it out. Knowing how to do the basics on your bike can save you a lot of time and money if you find yourself down for the count during a commute.

4653 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 728-5212

Bucephalus Bikes – Evanston
Bucephalus Bikes is the place to be in Evanston. If you are looking to purchase a new bike, I highly suggest browsing their reconditioned stock first. They take bikes, many vintage and custom conversions, and make them good as new – many times better. If you insist on having a brand new model, they do carry many brands in stock. Their service shop is highly qualified to breath new life in your bicycle. They stand by their work 100%. Their knowledge and friendly service alone will be enough to keep you coming back.

1424 Lake St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 864-0924

Blue City Cycles – Bridgeport
Blue City Cycles is a workhorse when it comes to bicycle maintenance. Their full service shop can easily tackle flats and tuneups, but they are also quite the experienced welders. If you end up cracking one of your components, as long as it is safe to do so, they can tack it up for you. They also use this experience and knowledge to build custom steel frames. They have a selection of brand new bikes for sale, and can special order if you are lusting after a specific model. On top of their all-around bicycle expertise – they have two pretty awesome shop cats that serve as quality mascots and time-passers.

3201 S Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 225-3780

Barnard’s Schwinn – Oak Park
Barnard’s Schwinn is one of the coolest bike shops Chicago offers – and it is technically not even in Chicago! As expected, their service shop is on top of it all. You can bring your bike in for repairs and you will leave knowing that you were in the best hands. One of the biggest attractions of this shop is their selection of refurbished classic pedalers. You get the classic design that is full of character, and as an added bonus it will function just well as a brand new bicycle. Banana seat bicycles will never go out of style – they seem to be rare these days, but Barnard’s Schwinn makes them appear plentiful. For any need – from repairs to new bikes, or one of the best refurbished classics around – Barnard’s is calling your name.

6109 W North Ave
Oak Park, IL 60302
(708) 524-2660

The Bike Lane – Logan Square
The Bike Lane is a quality shop located deep within the city. All around, The Bike Lane is a killer shop. They adapt to the bicycling world around them, and offer what the riders want and need. The service center will exceed your expectations, as well as the sales department. I want to highlight a few of their key features. For the commuters in distress, they will not leave you stranded in the bike lake [no pun intended]. If you find yourself with a flat in the city, they will come to you and fix your tire on the fly! On top of that, they offer complete custom bike setups that can be tailored to exactly what you are looking for. If you are beginning to get bored of your current bike, they offer a custom conversion service that will transform your bike into an entirely new unit. Classic bike to a new-age fixie or single speed? You know you want to.

2130 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 888-2453

Lakeshore Bike – Lakeview
Lakeshore Bike is conveniently located near the Lakeshore Path to assure emergency repairs and quality selection while taking in the shoreline. For over ten years they have been serving the bike community with above average service in all aspects of business. The employees are deep rooted in the cycling community, and they are more than happy to assist the occasional rider all the way up to die-hard cyclists.
They have various service packages that are well-suited for any bicycle. Their ‘Whole Bicycle Bliss’ will seriously leave your bike in better condition than the day you picked it up. On top of it, they will even pick up and deliver your bike in most Chicagoland area codes. How is that for ultimate service? They have a full stock of bikes and accessories for sale, but they also offer rental services for the occasional pedalers. They also conveniently have a second location now at North Avenue Beach.

3650 N Recreation Dr
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 348-7668

Blackstone Bicycle Works – Woodlawn
Blackstone Bicycle Works is part of a bigger cause, known as the Experimental Station. They aim to bring culture, education, and fulfill the needs of Chicago’s South Side. On top of teaching bike education, they are a full-fledged repair shop. They also refurbish bikes in all styles and sizes – these bikes are up for sale every Saturday. New and used parts are available if you are more of a DIYer. Much of the staff is made up of youth. These kids are part of an Earn-a-Bike program. They dedicate their time to learn the trade and skill-sets behind a bike shop. They gain valuable knowledge, as well as a free bike at the end of their training. This bike shop is highly recommended not just for their great work when it comes to bicycle repair and refurbish, but for the caring nature and service to the community.

6100 S Blackstone Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 241-5458

Yojimbo s Garage – Near North Side
Yojimbo’s Garage is the mecca for bicycle knowledge and repair. You will leave this shop knowing you were in some of the best hands, and you will also feel like you are a semi-genius when it comes to bicycles now. They currently specialize in building custom bikes and parts. Everything that leaves the shop is top-notch. They love racing-bikes and fixies here, but they are more than happy to accommodate your needs. The storefront has a plethora of parts in stock, in many variations and colors to suite your taste. If they are lacking what you need, Marcus will do his very best [and then some] to source it for you. Forget ordering online – support the bike shops Chicago provides. Yojimbo’s Garage is at your service.

1310 N Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 587-0878


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