Yoga has been growing in popularity immensely over the last handful of years, especially. With many people seeking it out solely as a form of exercise, there are many studios opening that also treat it as exercise, rather than the classical form of yoga which involves both physical and mental abilities. For the people that want to train themselves in both spiritual and mental forms, these are some of the best yoga studios around Chicagoland. No matter what your skill level is, you will be able to find a place that you feel relaxed in.

Ahimsa Yoga Studio

Ahimsa has such a wide range of classes, workshops and events that it would be hard not to keep coming back. On top of that, the atmosphere is one of the most relaxing in the city. The instructors have patience and speak a universal language that everyone can understand, especially when it comes to poses. They also take the time to interact with each and every person if needed. Ahimsa is great for beginners especially– but anyone that appreciates a relaxing location will be right at home.

Oak Park

Bloom Yoga Studio

Bloom may have a great venue, but where they shine is with their instructors. Each one has their own unique style of routine, but all are top-notch teachers. They offer prenatal yoga classes that are said to be phenomenal– unfortunately, I won’t ever be able to experience what all of the women are raving about but I believe them. If you feel like reaching an entirely new level, schedule a massage before your after your yoga class to be in complete bliss.

Lincoln Square

Village Yoga

Village yoga is the perfect studio to come to when you want to challenge yourself– but in the most enjoyable way. The instructors are very receptive to everyone’s needs and offer pose modifications throughout. You will leave realizing that yoga is much more than just a physical experience.

Lincoln Park

Om On the Range Yoga Studio

Om On The Range seems to be geared more towards people that have been practicing yoga for quite some time and have nailed the poses, but beginners can find their own pace as well. A great location and friendly staff make this hot yoga hot spot a place to definitely check out.


The Lab

The Lab is a fitting name, since they continuously strive to help people grow in practice. They typically change up routines to keep the classes feeling fresh. If you are advanced in the poses, they are always willing to modify them to give you even more of a challenge. However, The Lab is the perfect place for all levels to further their skills.

West Loop

Moksha Yoga Center

Moksha not only offers a wide variety of classes and workshops, but this is also a great place to train if you are looking to become a yoga instructor yourself. Both the 200hr and 500hr courses can be completed here. They focus on classical yoga, being both physical and mental that are suited for all skill levels. Being that this is a studio full of teachers, you can expect some of the best instruction during classes– but without any pretentiousness.

River West

Namaskar YOGA

Namaskar seems like a gem. It is rare if you ever see anyone in here without a smile on their face and the sense of contentedness over them. The spiritual side is just as important as the physical side here. Their beginner class is phenomenal for anyone that enjoys yoga at a slower pace– they also offer very in-depth direction to assure that everyone can benefit from. They offer a variety of workshops and classes as well.


Tejas Yoga

Tejas Yoga is a phenomenal choice for all levels of yogies. Beginners will feel relaxed yet motivated, advanced students will find the atmosphere to be the perfect place to practice. The instructors are very non-threatening and understand that everyone has their own pace–they’re just happy you joined them. They accommodate all levels and will fit with almost anyone’s schedule.

Near Southside

Tula Yoga Studio

A main focus of Tula is to truly make all levels feel welcome. Even with a class of mixed levels– they will take the time to give everyone attention as needed. They also have towels, mats and everything else required to use for free if you want to test it out before investing in your own.

Logan Square


Yogaview is a very versatile studio– offering a variety of classes at convenient times throughout the day to suite everyone’s schedule. The studios are quite large and fitted heavily with wood and creative accents. The instructors tailor classes to all skill levels, so don’t compare yourself to the person next to you.

Lincoln Park & Wilmette

Chicago has many phenomenal yoga studios– leave us a comment letting us know which one you frequent the most and why!


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