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The Chicago Traveler

Chicago Tribune’s Blogger of the Week

by Matt B on August 6th, 2008

the chicago traveler mattEver since I began writing The Chicago Traveler for b5media, I have discovered a multitude of great Chicago blogs that are out there. Many of them I have included in my blogroll, which you can find on the lower right side of this page. I don't see these bloggers as competition; rather, I see ourselves as a network, all sharing our different points of view about our Windy City.

The Chicago Tribune, one of the city's primary newspapers, features links to dozens of Chicago blogs in its online edition. The website also presents a Blogger of the Week, getting to know the faces behind the blogs. This week, the Blogger of the Week is Yours Truly!

Check out the link and get to know a little more about me as well as other Chicago bloggers.


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