Surfing Chicago Online 2

As the CTA Tattler finds, drunk Cubs fans can make for amusing entertainment.

Robyn at Drive-Thru is less than impressed with Calvin’s BBQ… and with her attempt at making crème brulee.

Don’t forget about the GB Book Club’s Book of the Month, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Coincidentally, the Guardian UK reflects on the politics of Oz. (Bit of trivia: Just before writing the classic book, Baum and his family moved to Chicago, then called “the White City,” with a beautifully modern skyline.)

Is the Shake Shack’s logo a rip-off of Steak ‘n Shake’s? Time-Out Chicago has their answer.

What foods out there do you want to experience before you die? The MenuPages Blog has a few suggestions.

Batman is a superhero without any superpowers. That would imply that any mortal man could become The Dark Knight… for a price. The Chicago Tribune calculates just what that price would be.

Time-Out Chicago asks, Who owns public art? And, if we’re strapped for cash, can we sell it?

Now that we’re all pinching our pennies, Mandy at Drive-Thru explores brewing her own iced coffee.

After some urban hiking, Chicago Carless asks, What makes you smile in downtown Chicago?

Looking for a bit of spirituality in the Windy City? Manya at Chicago’s Best Blogs reports on a few uplifting religious blogs.

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