I find myself walking around this glorious city more than I find myself in a vehicle.

That is what made me realize that 2015 was going to be a focus on health and eating better. “With the New Year, comes the new me”

I have been a pretty big condiment fan. I like my food, and I like my sauces. I implemented ketchup, mustard and ranch on everything– that is until I discovered hummus.

My tastebuds rejoice out of fact that they can now enter re-cooperation mode and my stomach has settled.

Wild Garden Hummus Dip is really the perfect day to day companion. The single serving travel packs make tossing them in your bag simple, and light. Their jars are also phenomenal for the fact that they are shelf-stable; no refrigeration necessary.

I know that many of you have had the notion in mind that today is the day to turn your health around, but you keep saying, “tomorrow will do.”

I was right there with you. However, Wild Garden Hummus has made the transition into a healthy lifestyle much easier.

It has replaced loaded nachos as my guilty pleasure. With the exception that there is no mention of guilt in the ingredients.

I find it odd, but ever so satisfying, that my favorite snack is made up of only 7 ingredients max– and I can pronounce every single one of them.

With 8 flavors in total, I feel confident that each and every one of you can find a flavor that will stimulate your senses.

If you aren’t one that can completely revamp your eating style over night, Wild Garden Hummus will help to make the process much more easy. Like I stated, it is the perfect product to replace the high-fructose corn syrup and sugary condiments that we find so delicious.

Having tried a few them personally, I do enjoy the roasted garlic hummus. Depending on your preference of garlic, you may or may not be impressed. To be honest, I am a huge garlic fan– I eat it raw sometimes. Aggressive, I know. This garlic hummus has a very subtle hint. It is not over powering, but just enough to hit your taste buds– which I oddly enjoy.

I prefer the dip with pita chips– but crackers, tortillas, sandwiches, and even a good ole’ fashion Chicago-style hot dog will act as a perfect utensil to enjoy Wild Garden Hummus. Try to limit the dogs though– I conducted that experiment in the name of science (delicious science). There are many ways to use hummus in your cooking as well.

Wild Garden is situated a mere 10 miles from the heart of Chicago. I’m a fan of good eats and supporting local. They take pride in their product– you can taste it. They leave out the artificial ingredients and preservatives– leaving you with an all natural healthy snack that your mouth will relish over.

They also understand that people are busy and active. That is why they have taken it upon themselves to create snack packs for you.